The Last Night of Carnaval in San Pedro: More Dancing and Even MORE Paint

I went into town for the first day of Carnival (Lots of Dancing and Lots of Paint) and decided to brave Day 3 – historically the craziest day of painting.Here is one of my favorite pictures from the festival.  How often do you see a painted (because he lost a bet) Mennonite gentleman watching cross dressing dancers while his family sits in a sports bar?  How vainglorious!  Only in Belize.

I saw a few comparsas groups dancing, singing and raising money for good causes.  The first one for me was a small group from Ambergris Caye Elementary dancing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Very cute.

The AIDs Commission does the best comparsas!  Here they are dressed in Mayan garb.   What’s not to like about this costume?

I love how most of the groups stop every half block and throw an extension cord over to get plugged in at the closest bar or restaurant.
And then the painting really got going…at one point we were almost caught in some serious egg cross fire.

Kerry pretending to dump a can of paint on ye olde towne clock.  I actually think this thing looks 100x better wrapped in a tarp and covered with paint.  Let’s keep it this way!

Kids in paint love to pose.

I love the boy in the back with the egg eyes in this one.

This little girl preferred to stay inside the Stadium Bar and stay paint free.

And even some drunken tourists coated from head to toe.

I took the chance to get home early.  Things were getting more and more crazy.  I hope everyone had fun and was safe.  See you next year!

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