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Where Should I Watch the Superbowl in San Pedro?

The game will be on EVERYWHERE.  Just because this is Belize and football technically means soccer, we will all be watching.

My choices for best spots:

Cholo’s.  They have HUGE flat screens and will have a big local crowd.  This might be the most happening, most rowdy spot to watch the game in town.  They don’t serve food but Lily’s is right next door.  And they have great food and RIDICULOUSLY good ceviche.

Pedro’s Inn:  Huge HD TVs (a rare thing in Belize) and very cold beer.  Despite the fact that it is owned by a crotchety old British man, it is a true sports bar.  Order some wings and pizza and settle in for the game.  OR, arrive early and play some poker.  They are having an invitational $1000+ NL Hold’em Free Roll Tournament.  (Ok…so I have no idea what that means, but I did get an invite.)

Lola’s Pub:  They are bringing in a BIG tv for the game and they have the best selection of whiskeys and scotches if that is your thing.

AJ’s:  Great TVs, REALLY good wings and hot dogs.  This could be the spot.  Did I mention that wings are 75 cents BZD during the game?  And word amongst the locals is that they are THE BEST.  Wings and Superbowl?  There is no better combination.

Fido’s:  They definitely have the best pre-game show.  Kelly McGuire will be playing at 3pm.  Nice way to ease into the game.

BC’s Beach Bar:  They have the squares all set up and though their TVs aren’t the very best.  The location, the bartenders and the owners are.  This will be a very fun spot.

Palapa Bar:  THE spot if you are north of the bridge.  Nuff said.

BUT…if you want to watch the game on the BIGGEST SCREEN.  Head over the Reef Village’s Paradise Theater.   One of two movie screens in Belize, they are going to play the game.

Too many to choose from…and if I missed someone, let me know in the comments!

AND…since I am from NJ…15 minutes from Giant Stadium…I say GO BIG BLUE!

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