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A Morning Walk Turns into Breakfast

I woke up early today to take a long walk down the beach.  A little much needed exercise.  The sun was just up, fishermen were trolling for bait fish and pelicans were drying their wings in the wind.

The dock is just south of me at a condo complex called Tara Del Mar.

And just south of that is a much smaller, much older house.  The gentleman is drying off his lobster traps.  Season is closed again until June 15th.

Victoria House was looking beautiful…

But the breakfast was smelling even better.  I guess 8 minutes of exercise is better than nothing.

They have a pretty good breakfast menu…Bananas Foster Pancakes…really tasty chiliquiles (sort of Mexican breakfast nachos.)

I had a bagel and cream cheese with a bit of fruit.  It’s no NY bagels (not even close), it’s more like toast.   But I could eat cream cheese on a flip flop.

It’s going to be a nice day at the beach…

At the pool…

And even on the way out.  They have some amazing orchid plants on the front lawn.  Not in bloom right now…but pretty cool.

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2 thoughts on “A Morning Walk Turns into Breakfast

  1. Emily

    Loved “I could eat cream cheese on a flip-flop”. Me too! The Bananas Fosters pancakes sound amazing, but I sure do wish Victoria House would post their prices in BZD. Isn’t that the law? And with GST included?

  2. Me

    I don’t like it either. AND they add service charge to their bill…I HATE THAT. It’s 11.25%. I’m not sure what the law is exactly…but I know Peter is very against the USD thing. It’s Pedro’s Law!

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