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Exotic Caye Resort: New Daily Yoga & Always A Great Beach Bar, Restaurant, Hotel and More

I stopped by Exotic Caye Resort yesterday to observe a yoga class at the new studio.   I was actually supposed to participate but I am a long time yoga naysayer.  (All stemming from a one week stint at a “Bikini Bootcamp” that I attended in Tulum, Mexico in 2006…if you need to see a picture of me hiding behind all of the yoga fanatics during that week, check out:  How I Came To Belize)

But let’s back up a bit.  Exotic Caye is a resort located just south of down town proper (1/4 mile) on a gorgeous sandy beach.  It is the home to the extremely popular beach bar Crazy Canuck’s (winner of SanPedroScoop’s Best Bar on Ambergris Caye, 2011), a restaurant, the Blue Iguana, a hotel, dive shop, a small breakfast and lunch joint AND now a yoga studio.

The yoga studio is on the main road on the second floor and has the most amazing views.  I will admit…yoga or no yoga this view made me want to harness my chi.

The class had quite a few participants, men and women of all ages and sizes.  I just happened to take a picture of these three, super fit ladies since they look so colorful.  The instructor is in yellow on the left.

The room is large, fully air-conditioned with a bathroom, fresh towels, cool water available and super calming music playing.

The class started off nice and slowly.  The teacher’s instructions were calm and clear.  Comfortable stretching and posing.  I think I could actually do this…much more relaxing than my last experience of muscle wrenching torture in a Mexican sweat lodge.  I was inspired and am considering trying the beginner classes (I’ll fill you in on the schedule at the end of the post).

Here are some pictures of the rest of the resort.

The yoga studio is upstairs and Ms. Sara’s kitchen is below.   Mmmmmm…I love conch soup.

Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar.  Home to a VERY popular Sunday beach BBQ, live band and horse shoe tournament.

The hotel rooms are in a half circle of large palapa style buildings with the pool in the center.
One day we’ll have to look inside.  And don’t forget the beach.
Here is all the yoga information that you will need to start attending.  If you are sloth-like and totally inflexible like me, let’s think about attending a beginners’ class together.

For more information on the yoga classes or the hotel, check out: or like Exotic Caye Beach Resort on Facebook.  I just did.

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