High Winds this Morning and Some Random Stuff…

I took a walk to town this morning to pay my electric bill.  Usually a relatively painless process, today the line was over 20 people long.  And I am not good at waiting.The wind is whipping, the sea churned up and a few dark clouds menace.  Most of the time, the clouds burn off and it’s a beautiful day.  Searious Adventures was loading a few boats up for day trips.

Some newer banners are flying about town replacing the old “vote for me” ones.  Self congratulations for winning the elections on March 7th.

Though some of the flag clean up is already starting.  I was tempted to snag one.

You can see below it that the Baker has made its move from the big, expensive space on Front Street.

Here is the smaller shop but the main bakery is down south by Marina’s Store.

A new shop called the Sandwich Box has an interesting new painting on the outside.  A chef holding a steamy pot painted with grapefruit slices?  Is he holding it?  Is that a hand?  Very avant garde.

About my electric bill…Lucky for me, there is a service in town that can run your errands, pay your bills, wait on lines, and deliver your mail for you.  For a fee less than it would take for a taxi to take me there and back, Quiksilver can take care of it.  Very good to know when you are feeling SERIOUSLY sluggish.

One would have thought I’d gained more patience since moving down here…

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