Just a Saturday In San Pedro, Lily’s, Cholo’s, Wayo’s and Average Joe’s

Let me start by apologizing.  For some reason, I don’t want to get on the internet.    It’s not that it doesn’t work, I just don’t want to log on.  It’s madness, I know!  I am a total addict.   Let’s see if I can shake this horrible affliction.Perhaps I need inspiration.Let me tell you about my Saturday afternoon.The weather has been glorious.  I mean seriously ridiculously fantastic.  Really just the usual March.

So I headed over to Lily’s for some ceviche with my friend, Bonnie.  Lily’s Treasure Chest remains in my top three for ceviche.  It is seriously old school…no fancy slicing like Victoria House, no olives that make El Divino’s ceviche so unique (and so good).  It is simple.  And FRESH.  It takes 20 minutes to prepare and you know that they are slicing each veggie to order.

We were sipping Belikins at Cholo’s and they brought the ceviche over.  With plenty of chips.  Check out Bonnie’s dog Pepe eyeballing the food.

They give it to you Belizean style.  With the habaneros (see them there cupped in the onion?)   THESE PEPPERS ARE SERIOUSLY HOT.  Check out the Scoville Scale.  Dip them into the ceviche for just a minute and you will be coughing.  Eat one slice?  Oh my.

We finished up and went to our next stop.  I noticed that Wet Willy’s has a new sign and new logo.

We went to Wayo’s Bar for a quick drink.

Honestly…the most beautiful day.

On the way home, we stopped for a bit more food…why not, right?  Average Joe’s (AJ’s) has some serious good bar food eats.

We tried the Chili Nachos.

And a Johnsonville Beef Bratwurst.

I was actually spotted by a San Pedro Scoop fan.  She was then forced to do pudding shots. PUDDINGSHOTS.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.  I hope I am feeling more “into” the internet then.

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