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More About My Tuesday: Lunch, Legends and a Look Around Town

I posted a few days ago about my brush with “celebrity” at the Chicken Drop (see:  Wahoo’s Lounge) but my day started much earlier with a walk into town.  A visitor was showing local kids, Mark and Johnny, how to search for hidden treasure on the beach.

The sun was definitely coming out after a day of heavy rain.

Hurricanes Bar seems to be closed on Tuesdays.

And I walked past the Holiday Hotel that is undergoing a full renovation.  The inside lobby is gutted.  Interesting to do this during the busiest time of year…

Lunch at Wild Mango’s is hard to resist…I could eat here everyday.  My friend and I tried a few different things.   From front to back:  the Buffalo Chicken wrap, Pork Taquitos and the Tres Amigos Ceviche platter.

The ceviche platter is a thing of tear inducing beauty.  Your choice of three different ceviches and three types of chips:  plaintain, cassava, corn chips.  If they have the local tuna (it is not always available), you must have the Fire & Ice ceviche.  You will lick the bowl clean.

I’m making myself hungry.

We made it back to town for the Chicken Drop, stopped by Pedro’s Inn for a few jager shots and to borrow a golf cart.  The ringing of this bell haunts my dreams.

and then headed to Legend’s Burger House north of the bridge…

Everyone looked pretty together at this point.

Tuesday night, Legend’s does a very popular jam night.  Local musicians of all kind meet up (from classic rock to reggae) and well…jam.

The whole upper deck was packed.  And the bar area was a crowded dance floor.  I can’t believe it was my first time at this popular restaurant!

Next time I’ll have to stop in for one of their famous burgers.

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