Police, Rallies, Inky Fingers…Elections are a Big Deal in San Pedro

Most fingers in San Pedro were inked yesterday.  One color to vote for the Municipal elections and one for the national one.

The streets around the polls at the San Pedro High School were packed with voters…

And the line was LONG.  I hear that some people were waiting over 2 hours to vote.  The police chief told me to “move it along”.  Apparently you can’t mill around the voting area.

But outside the restricted area, all of the streets were packed with golf carts, tents and supporters.

Some Lebanese Belizeans guys gathered and smoked hookahs (as one does for an election).

My friend Sheryl posed with the PUP mayoral candidate and her crew.  She was wearing a blue shirt after all…(Sheryl is first, Miss Conchita is #2).
Themed vehicles rode around blasting party music and picking up supporters.

Even tourists in the local supermarket had an opinion about the elections and the different parties.

Now I see why there are no alcohol sales on Election Day.  It was getting quite rowdy out there.  And in the end, the incumbent party won.  UDP pretty much across the board.  The red guys.  They have more “momentum” than anyone else.  Ugh…not my vote.  But all in all…a pretty exciting day.

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