The Friendliest People I’ve Ever Met, Really: KenMar Bed & Breakfast in Belmopan

I live in a friendly country so this might seem like exaggeration…but it’s not.  This bed and breakfast is amazing.   So unexpected.  If you are travelling to Belmopan, Belize…the place to stay is KenMar Bed and Breakfast.  I promise.I got lucky.  I was travelling to Belize’s capital to see Prince Harry (see:  Harry: My Scoop).  I called a few hotels and they were booked. But Tripadvisor recommended KenMar.  And I can see why…

At the bus station, I grabbed a taxi to the hotel.  If you need a taxi cab in Belmopan, call Smith.  604-4181.  Great rasta guy.  He chauffeured me my whole trip.  KenMar is right behind the biggest hotel in town, the Bullfrog.

And we pulled up to KenMar.

The owner, Marion checked me in.  She had her hair in curlers for the prince’s arrival.  I rolled in like a bag of dirty laundry.  Honestly…the boat…the bus?  She hugged me…said “baby, you’re so pretty”.  I knew I loved this place.

Right up to my singles room.  #23, the Butterfly room.   Great white high thread count sheets…crispy and clean.

The room was fully equipped.   Water, tooth brush, razors, a sewing kit, soft toilet paper, an alarm clock, a TV, air conditioning, a manual to find your way around Belmopan…

Marion gave me the keys and I took a quick nap.   She kept hugging me.  I am not a hugger.  But this lady is amazing.

So…I saw Prince Harry.  Came back to the B&B and went to sleep.  When I woke up…I thought I was on candid camera.

I was a bit late to breakfast.  Marion didn’t care.  How do I want my eggs?  Do I want them with olive oil, New Zealand butter or vegetable oil.

Home made bread?  And Home made cinnamon rolls?  Fresh OJ?  What???  This is crazy!

These guys (Marion and Kent…both Belizeans) bought the place 6 years ago.  They lived right next door.  And the current B&B?  It was an abandoned disco.   They bought it at auction.  And refurbished the whole building.  It is honestly amazing.

I got a peek at the suite…beautiful.   The rooms are cool and clean and spacious.  But the owners are first class.  They are so friendly.  You will love KenMar Bed and Breakfast.

And…for anyone who is skeptical.  I paid full price and did not tell the owners that I am a blogger.   It was all on the up and up.

Home made bread?  A sewing kit?  I’ll be back.

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