A Look Around Town: Some Changes and MORE Gorgeous Weather

I am starting to sound like a skipping record but yesterday was another low humidity, perfectly blue skies, cool northerly wind beauty.  I walked into town and stumbled upon this…

One of the ex-mayor’s self congratulatory tombstones wrecked in the Central Park.  What the heck???

But let’s back up a bit…first I had to walk into town.  (No more taxis during the day…I’m trying.)  The sea was flat.  Looked like another beauty for diving or stand-up paddle boarding…a sport that seems to be catching on more and more in Ambergris Caye.

The Xanadu dock.

It was lunch time and a work crew was resting on the beach.  They are putting in a much needed seawall at Coconut’s Hotel.  Their beach has been getting smaller and smaller.  The seawall is being built about 15 feet from the beach.

It was lunch time at the RC School, probably one of the schools with the most students.  Mangos are coming into season in Belize and kids (and adults alike) love the less ripe slices served with salt and pepper.  I like to wait for the ripe mangos to arrive later in the summer…my taste buds haven’t become accustomed to fruit and salt yet.  Cut me some slack…I’m trying!

It’s nice to see the kids lined up for fruit…

Because this is the table that usually gets all the traffic flow.

Practically every way that sugar and food coloring can be delivered to your system.  Imagine yourself a teacher and your class of 35 8 years olds arrives back from lunch after feasting on this?  The cooler in the front contains “ideals”…a semi-frozen blend of unnatural flavorings, sugar and water that makes kids go nuts.  You see school kids sucking on them constantly.  They come in flavors like lime and cherry (delicious) and bubble gum and Coke (disgusting) and keep your tongue colored all day.

Okay…enough lurking around the school yard.

I stopped, had lunch and ran some errands in town.  Some changes.  Stadium Sports Bar, then Croc’s Sports Bar has been converted to a coffee shop/bar by one of the Lebanese-Belizean gentlemen that used to work at Island Supermarket.  Though this spot is in the center of town and gets high traffic flow, it doesn’t seem to get much business.  I wish them luck.

They’ve got some LONG hours…

Crave Restaurant across the street was closed.  Not sure if this is a permanent move or if they are just re-vamping their hours/days open.

Continuing on past the park, I spotted this demo-ed tombstone and two cement park benches just to the right of Ye Olde Town Clock.

The wood carver sitting next to the pile told me that it was knocked over by the town workers a few days ago.  Are they making room to widen the road?  Making more room to go around the clock?  I guess we will see.

I was tempted to take the main tile as a souvenir but it was a bit heavy.  Would make a great garden ornament.  After all…they spent so much money on those tiles…

We had a little rain last night and the humidity is up a bit…but it is shaping up to be another beautiful day.  Have a good one.

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