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No Alcohol Sales on Good Friday until the Party Starts Tonight! Here Are the Big Events

There are absolutely NO alcohol sales today, Good Friday, in San Pedro, Belize.  None until 9pm tonight.  The new town council is giving us one year’s notice…next year, there will be no alcohol from midnight to midnight.  Many, if not all, bars will be closed today.ALSO, many of the tour companies are not out on the water today.  Historically, it has been considered bad luck to be on the sea on Good Friday.  I just talked to one large company and there is no snorkelling or fishing today.  I was assured though that the water taxis would be running.

Tonight, the REAL partying starts.  It will feel like all of Belize is in San Pedro…and, from walking home last night, it already does.   Every golf cart is rented out in town and almost every hotel room is packed to (or over) capacity.  Get ready for the good times and lots and lots of Belikins.   Here are the biggest events on the island.  I don’t know how you are going to choose.

I will be at Wet Willy’s tonight for the band for El Salvador.  And then the Lion’s Pancake Breakfast on Saturday morning.  Maybe the Hotel…we will have to see…

Daddy Rock’s (formerly Big Daddy’s)

Fido’s Bar and Restaurant
THE Hotel
Fundraiser for the kids sailing team.  Easter Egg Hunt and Adult Scavenger Hunt (entrance is $20 bzd) at 1pm.  First one back to the Hotel with all items gets an adult gift basket, $100 bar tab, dinner for two and two nights stay when the Hotel is open.  ALSO, Walter Castillo is doing an art exhibit on Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday.
Here are Walter’s paintings with Kelly McGuire.
The Lion’s Den
Pedro’s Inn
San Pedro AIDs Commission Fundraiser

Wayo’s Bar

Skybox Sports Bar and Lounge:

Pre-“Island Invasion” Party (see Fido’s).  Friday, 9pm.  Saturday, all night.

Wet Willy’s

The X-Lounge (formerly DiCaprios and Playa Lounge)

Sunday BBQs
  • Crazy Canuck’s.  Live jam session and horseshoe tournament.  Starts around 2pm.
  • Caribbean Villas.  Sailing, BBQ and Music.  Lunch time.

AND, if you want to head out to Burrell Boom on the mainland, there is a big Easter Monday horse race with lots of parties before during and after.

I couldn’t find anything for Jaguar’s, Club Latino…and I’m sure there is even more.  See you guys out there!

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2 thoughts on “No Alcohol Sales on Good Friday until the Party Starts Tonight! Here Are the Big Events

  1. DougSR

    This seems so quaint that they halt sales. But so if tourists stocked up yesterday they would be ok consuming liquor in public?

  2. Me

    It’s quite a serious law in Belize…you could definitely do it in a low-key way around the pool at your hotel but I think it would be disrespectful, if not illegal, to do it on the beach or in town.

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