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Sailing "Old School" on San Pedro’s Rum Punch II

Thursday afternoon, I was invited for a sail and snorkel trip on San Pedro resident’s George Eiley’s Rum Punch 2.   I’d been on the classic wooden fishing boat once before (Gorgeous Day of Sailing) and LOVED it.  This time we had a bigger group, lots of drinks and snacks and a beautiful day.  It was just as much fun.

Our plan was to sail up to Mexico Rocks snorkelling spot – an area off North Ambergris Caye with uber-clear water and lots of coral heads.

On the way up, Bonnie, our hostess, unpacked a bag of jello shots.  A bag!  Oh my…this might not end well.

Lime with vodka and pineapple with Malibu rum.

Beers and pringles.  All the makings for a solid frat party…with just one thing missing.

Oh good…here it is.  Jagermeister.

We arrived at Mexico Rocks and got in the clear, clear water.

Fish, the first mate and snorkel guide, was in charge of the underwater photography.

I think he did a pretty good job.

The water was really like a giant swimming pool.

Sun baked and a bit tipsy, we headed back to our home dock.

Captain Eiley is really amazing.  Low key, knowledgeable (he has been operating this boat for over 30 years!), and will stop anywhere you want.  You can plan your own schedule completely.  Full day?  Half day?  It’s up to you.  He also makes a pretty tasty rum punch.

Super fun afternoon.

To reach George, you can call:  226-2340 or 610-3240.  You will love this sail.

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5 thoughts on “Sailing "Old School" on San Pedro’s Rum Punch II

  1. Terdal Farm

    Love your blog and read it daily. Wish I had written with praise before posting something negative, but….

    After the snorkelling tragedy 10 days ago, I would have expected a snorkelling entry from you to emphasize safety. Instead, you implied that you consumed booze before jumping in. No idea if alcohol played a role in the recent deaths, but the tone of your post was inappropriate in the context of the sad story.

    I’m not against rum, but please enjoy it after you get out of the water.

  2. Hippo

    That looked like the perfect day out! My family, who have never been to Belize, cannot believe how clear the water is. We are on the west coast of Africa so we have the rather murky water of the cold Benguela current. Good for sport fishing but pretty grim for diving and snorkelling.

    The sun is setting on my particular piece of God’s earth so I am going to polish off the last of my scotch and then motor out beyond the breakers to the rocks and check and rebait my lobster pots. It is hard work on your own and can be pretty hairy if the sea is up but at least I know it is rum and water and water that doesn’t mix so drinking whisky I’ll probably be OK. Besides, I can always use the empty bottle as a flotation aid. I did notice in your lovely photos that you were out on the water and none of you were wearing lifejackets. How irresponsible is that?

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