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San Pedro Scoop is Being Read in Angola…How Cool is That?

I absolutely love that someone that I’ve never met is referencing my blog on his website.  In Angola.  Yes, Africa!   A continent I’ve never visited.  But am DYING to.This gentleman is a fantastic writer…I mean seriously good stuff.  And he seems like the kind of guy we’d all want to have a few beers with.  He was a British soldier that worked in Belize in the 80s… take a look at these pictures. He’s got more.  Does anyone recognize these guys?



Okay…here is the post where he calls my blog the best in Belize.  I read it twice…okay, maybe 10 times.

Honestly…this blog IS good stuff.  Here he talks about Raul’s Rose Garden back in the day (before it burned down):

My memories of the British soldiers in San Pedro are great ones.  Just a few years ago, they came to the island in numbers to drink and have fun.   After a serious few months of jungle training, they would travel to San Pedro for a few days off.  Often they would undress and climb into the rafters of Fido’s Bar, or call “Naked Bar” or just order a round of “Stuntmen” (sniff the salt, do the tequila shot and squeeze lime in your eye).  We miss them here in Belize.

Here is Naked Bar (for all the pics, you can reference:  Pedro’s Inn…it is not for the faint of heart)

Anyone else have something to share???

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1 thought on “San Pedro Scoop is Being Read in Angola…How Cool is That?

  1. Hippo

    The Rose Garden burnt down!!!!! Damn.

    I wasn’t kidding, yours is the best blog in Belize and believe me, I did some serious trawling in order to find it. The other one I like and have linked to is about a chef in Belize because I am pretty much trying to do the same thing in Angola. I can’t allow that blog equal status to yours because the author never gives out the recipes (selfish swine, it’s hardly as if I would be competition here in Angola!)

    I would imagine that Belize has changed a lot since I was last there (in the early 90’s) but then again, there are facets of Belize that remain unaltered. Once I get this place (Flordita) up and running I shall be coming out to Belize to show the family what a great place it is and shall most certainly look you up providing I can be given a chit exempting me from the no clothes rule. I have to come over there sooner or later to get the last bit of research I need for my book done which is based in Belize.

    My place was supposed to be called Floridita in honour of Ernest Hemingway’s favourite watering hole in Havana, by the way but it takes over a year to register a company here and by the time I got all the paperwork back out of the relevant ministry and realised the typo, I couldn’t be arsed to go through all that again so Flordita it is.



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