Scratching the Surface on Easter Saturday: Lion’s Den, The Hotel, Palapa Bar and Dancing to Sinkronia at Wet Willy’s

Yesterday, Easter Saturday, might have been the most happening day of the year in a town where something is always happening.  There were tons of beach parties, DJs, visiting performers, bands, fundraisers…with all of these choices…where does one begin?   The choice was easy.  The Pancake Breakfast at the Lion’s Den.  Plus, it was my only chance to see the Easter Bunny.
Warning:  This post is almost as long as my day!

The event was scheduled from 10am to 1pm.  I arrived at 11:30am (normally considered “right on time” in Belize) to find that most of the kids had already been there and left.  They ate their candy, got their prizes, posed with the bunny, inhaled their pancakes and had their faces painted by Melody.  Apparently, there was a huge line to get in at 10 and the breakfast was a screaming success.  Oh well…the Easter Bunny was just wrapping up her shift and had to take a phone call.  Wait one second…that’s Mel Spain wearing that heavy felted suit as the temperature neared 90.  That is dedication.

The pancakes and especially the sausages were delicious.  (I asked…breakfast sausages are “Running W” brand available at lots of local supermarkets.  I think I am going to pick up a pack.)

Syrup and nutella.  There was a very kid friendly topping selection on the table as well as something I have not tried yet.  The unrefrigerated butter in a can.  I’m scared.

We walked over the bridge to the Hotel where they were having a fundraiser for the kids’ sailing club.  Walter Castillo had an art show set up in the lobby.

Next stop?  Palapa Bar.  We continued our walk up the beach…a very pretty 10 minutes or so.

It is impossible to take a bad picture at the Palapa Bar on a nice day.  It’s like a movie set.

We met up with our friends Ruth and Chunky for some drinks, some cherry bombs and a few pulled pork sandwiches.  YUM.  I am not a huge BBQ person but this stuff is delicious.

Palapa Bar phoned the Coastal Express ferry for us so we could ride back to town.  Enough walking for one day.  A quick dip in the WARM sea was a must…

And we caught the boat.  The beach all thru town was PACKED.  People drinking, eating, swimming, dancing.  Visitors from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador…Belizeans from Belize City and the mainland…tourists.  It’s a fun, fun time (if you don’t mind lots of people and loud music).  I, personally, love Easter weekend!

It seemed like everyone had a DJ…

Some bars seemed to have a bunch of people listening and dancing…but I’m not sure it translated to very many drink sales.  Most people seemed to be enjoying their pre-purchased beer or Campari (a strange Belizean favorite) from the bottle on the beach.

Time for some dinner and off to the next stop.  Wet Willy’s for some salsa…cumbia…merengue…Latin music.  The bar has some new owners and they are doing a bit of a rehab.  Starting with a new paint job.  The pier looks great.

One of my favorite bartenders on the island, Romeo, was working.  He is also the bartender at El Divino at Banana Beach.  He must have had a rough day.  He had a stain on his shirt…

And totally mismatched flip flops (or in Belize…slippers).

The band from El Salvador was HUGE.  Three singers, a full band and some butt cheek baring dancers.

Dani and Cesar were brave enough to be the first ones up dancing.

No way I’m competing with this!

Lots of great Latin dance songs like Don Omar: Danza Kuduro and Mach Y Daddy: Pasame La Botella.  Even if you don’t think you like this type of music, try it out…it’s feel-good music.  It makes non-dancers like me almost want to dance.  They are playing today, Sunday, from 2-6pm at Wet Willy’s again with DJ Habo.  Entrace is $20bzd.  Good times are guaranteed.

The dance floor was packed when we left at about 2am.

ONE MORE STOP!  Park food – bacon wrapped hot dogs with the works.  Mayo, mustard, ketchup, grilled onion, cheese and bacon wrap.  So so tasty at 2am and only $4bzd.

Central Park was packed with people and the lines were long at Daddy Rock’s and Jaguar’s.  At 2am!

Long day.  Might be one to soak in the pool.  Everyone have a great Easter.

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