Yesterday: Complete Weather Perfection

After a mild winter in the northeast United States, they are now shivering with heavy wet snow, rain and just unseasonably chilly weather for the end of April.  The cold front yesterday brought us a wind from the northwest, low low humidity and THE MOST GORGEOUS DAY.  Today looks like more of the same.  Should be in the mid 80s, super sunny with a cooling breeze.  Sigh…The sea was flat and crystal clear.

Apparently I am enamoured with this coconut palm.

We headed up to Caribbean Villas for a little music, Sunday BBQ and to watch the kids sail.  The flat water made sardines (bait fish) easier to see and hopefully to catch.  We passed a few fishermen trying to net them.

The jalapeno poppers seemed to be on everyone’s plate…

But I stuck to a Belizean standard.  Chicken BBQ.  You can order leg or breast.  For some reason the terms “white” or “dark” meat aren’t really used down here.  You often get a blank look when you use them.

The classic Belize BBQ plate always contains the following:
1.  The chicken (you can get it with or without sauce)
2.  The creamy salad (potato salad or coleslaw).  I particularly love the potato but it’s getting harder to find.  Potato salad mixed with rice and beans and a little bit of BBQ sauce is heaven.
3.  Rice and beans or stewed beans
With stewed beans, you usually get a flour tortilla.  This BBQ plate had double starch.  Delicious.

Tull started playing music…not a bad view from inside the bar palapa.

Coconut Leo had to get involved when the first cords of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” started up.

Leo was in an excellent mood.  Apparently he has been contacted by a German TV show that wants him to film in May.  They called him through the Spindrift Hotel.  I wonder if he is brushing up on his foreign language skills.  Allow me to help, Coconut Leo translates to Kokos-Leo.  Or maybe Kokosmeister.  I like that.

He is also going to be involved in an All Stars Karaoke competition at Jaguar’s Nightclub in the future.

Soooo, I guess what I am saying is…if you are sitting in your sweater, socks and mittens right now or trudging to work in icy drizzle and thinking that summer is just around the corner…you never know.  Why not get on-line and check…just check…how much a ticket to Belize is over the next few weeks?

No pressure.

By the way, this is my second post of the day.  You can also check out:  5.1 Magnitude Earthquake from earlier.

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