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Some Great Weather Last Week: South Of Town & Boca Del Rio

Today is the unofficial start of summer in the US, Memorial Day…for that reason and in an effort to gloss over the fact that I have nothing better to talk about, here are a bunch of pictures from the end of last week.  Both walking on the beach south of town and a bit of Boca Del Rio (one of my favorite stretches).

Mayan ladies who walk the beach with pounds and pounds of HOT blankets for sale.  I’m always impressed.

The beach always looks more beautiful in Boca Del Rio (just north of town).  San Pedro High School is directly on this stretch.

The previously named Playa Chel and now re-opened as the Blind Dog has a gorgeous location across the road from Wet Willy’s.  The place is huge, with two bars but it hardly attracts any customers…

Why you ask?  I’ve got my theories.

And the beautiful Phoenix Resort…

Today is starting a bit hazy but the sun should poke through soon…have a great day.

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4 thoughts on “Some Great Weather Last Week: South Of Town & Boca Del Rio

  1. Emily

    I would be interested to know your “theories” about the Playa Chel/Blind Dog. I have heard they have really good pizzas now but haven’t gotten to try one yet. I better make haste before they change hands once again. It’s definitely not a good time of year to launch a new restaurant!

  2. Me

    I think it’s a great spot for a proper beach club. But it is so big, so open…with so much bar space. People want to go to a bar that looks “hopping”…it’s too easy to drive past, see no one or one/two customers and keep on driving looking for the crowd.

    This town also like bars that are more private seeming…to me, it is why Playa Chel and Playa Lounge both have a very hard time.

  3. DougSR

    Do you find yourself paying closer attention to weather patterns now that you live in San Pedro or about the same as NYC?

  4. Me

    It is hard to say. Equally…but in a different way. In NYC, I was at work from dark until dark…but the weather is CONSTANTLY on the tv/the news. So you always have a forecast. Here, you are your own weatherman for the most part and I am outside MUCH more. So…both! But it’s more fun here.

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