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Wet Willy’s Cantina/Beach Club? That’s Some Tasty Food Plus R.I.P. Blind Dog

Wet Willy’s Cantina has always been famous in San Pedro for the big, crazy Wednesday Ladies’ night party, for being one of the best swimming docks in town and the annual Jerry Jeff Walker concerts but…honestly…never for the food.  The kitchen had been closed for quite a few years.  But new owners are in town…and things on the dock are changing.Quickly, let me show you the Jalapeno and Bacon Mac & Cheese because I still can’t get this off my mind.

The whole dock has a new paint job and new signs…

(The sun never really came out yesterday.  And it looks like more of the same today.  But frankly, I am enjoying the cooler temperatures.)

The new owners have installed a serious looking rotisserie smoker…

And a brand new kitchen.  I’ve never seen restaurant equipment so spotless…

The menu is quite simple…

And takes advantage of two of the things Belize does best…chicken and especially pork.  When visiting the cayes, you tend to think seafood.  And you should.  But I am always amazed at how delicious the pork is…so much more flavorful than I’ve had in the US.  The bacon…the thick pork chops…oh my.

So I order the roast pork panini.  And while I waited I started with the macaroni and cheese.  Not too spicy, not too bacony, not overly creamy leaving you looking for your heart medication, this stuff is delicious.  This is a meal unto itself.

The waiter set up the sauces.

Two red BBQ sauces, one mild and one hot, a very tasty mustard vinegar sauce and your standard mustard and ketchup.  And the sandwiches arrived.

I loved my panini.  If you like a Cuban sandwich, you will love yours too.  Crusty bread, juicy pork, Swiss cheese and pickles…dipped in the mustard BBQ sauce, this is one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a while.

The fries were not my favorite but pay the extra $4bzd, get a big slab of mac and cheese on the side and you will have lunch and dinner in front of you.

No, this food is not for dieters or for eating every single day, but it is really tasty.  And when it’s a beautiful day, this dock sees some of the prettiest views around.

If the weather isn’t fabulous, this view isn’t bad either.

We paid our bill (for all of you who accuse me of getting freebies!) and walked back to the beach.  I mentioned the former Playa Chel/Blind Dog Grill in a post at the end of May.

Great location for a really rocking beach club…picture is from May 27th.

And now closed.

Speaking of beach clubs…I always think one would be amazing in town.  A place to lay in a beach chair in the sun, enjoying a bucket of cold Belikins (yes!  by myself, judgy wudgy!) served to me by an attentive waiter, looking over the crystal clear water and watching the boats go by, some food, some soft reggae music and a great place to swim…

Wet Willy’s, your huge deck and swimming area would make a great beach club.  Don’t you think?

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7 thoughts on “Wet Willy’s Cantina/Beach Club? That’s Some Tasty Food Plus R.I.P. Blind Dog

  1. Emily

    Excellent news re. Wet Willy’s — looks like they saw an opening in the BBQ restaurant market when Lazy Croc closed down and are stepping right up. We never did make it to the Blind Dog, darn it! You definitely called it as you predicted it probably wouldn’t be around long in that location. Thanks, as always, for the scoop!

  2. Maureen

    I want me some of that mac and cheese! I have to say too that it sucks that people “accuse” you of getting freebies. First of all, it’s nobody’s business if and what kind of deal you make to advertise or give plugs to businesses. I just don’t understand why some people have to be so worried about what other people are doing. You have a great blog, keep on scooping! 🙂

  3. Me

    It is strange, I agree totally. If I did get something free then be happy for me! But…sigh…I RARELY do. Thanks. I’ll keep scooping!

  4. Rob

    The mac n cheese looks deadly. You should have to sign a liability waiver to order it!
    By the way, the new owners must be loaded. That kitchen equipment must have cost a fortune.


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