What’s That I Spy? The Sun’s Back! An Excellent 1st Birthday Gift

Yesterday started out rainy.  Surprise, surprise…it feels like it’s been raining for weeks.  It definitely feels like the worst May/June that we’ve had for a while.

Rain was coming over the reef.

But as the day went by…things started to clear up.

According to Eiden Salazar on “Good Morning San Pedro” today, this weather is here for a bit.  All indications are for good weather going forward.  Phew…I was starting to feel very guilty about all of this rain.

My walk revealed a bit of haze…but a good breeze.  It WILL be a nice day.

Here are some pictures:

The house just north of Victoria House Hotel.

And Victoria House waking up.

One of my favorite houses.

A new seawall and dock just a bit south…

And if I haven’t mentioned it before, today is SANPEDROSCOOP.com’s first birthday!

Look at all the plans that I had just one year ago…June 20, 2011.  So young and naive…

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  • Happy Birthday SPS! Yours in blogging…