A Fun Shopping Experience In San Pedro: The Rum, Cigar and Coffee Shop

I am still trying to highlight good spots to shop and look for souvenirs when you are visiting San Pedro, Belize.  So let’s get going…My first featured spot was Graniel’s Dreamland, a great place to find San Pedro-made Belizean hardwood crafts and furniture.  It is absolutely a place you must stop when you’re here.   Another “must visit” is the Rum, Cigar and Coffee House on Middle Street just north of Graniel’s (one block up).  Everything about it is super cute.

Saul, the owner, opened the shop in this spot 21 years ago.  He has been making and selling mixed Belizean liquors ever since.  Distinctive products that are carried nowhere else.

And his signature mix is the Belize national drink, the Pantiripa. (Panty Ripper:  Coconut rum and pineapple juice.)  Love this sign outside and they usually have this design printed on a t-shirt.  They are out of stock now but getting more in a few weeks.  Definitely one of the best shirts sold in this San Pedro.

I’m guessing (a wild guess here) that it’s a play on the old Coppertone logo.  Don’t be a pale face.  I’m going to get a t-shirt when they come in.

One of my favorite parts of the shop are the free samples.  You can taste all of the rum, local wines and liquors for free.  Beware, trying all 7 of them will make you a bit light headed.

This one is my very favorite.  It is delicious, creamy, coconuty Bailey’s like drink.

And they roast coffee each morning..yes ROAST.  They start with a green beans…Buy a cup for $2bzd and mix this rum cream in?  Delicious.

Saul, the owner says you can stop by any morning for a fresh cup of coffee with a little kick.

They also have a cigar room with both Cuban (Belize has no embargo against Cuba) and Belizean cigars.  I’m pretty sure you cannot bring the Cubans legally to the states but you can enjoy them while you are here.

They also sell the only Belizean cigars available.  Hand rolled and produced in the Corozal area.

In the end, this store has unique products, very cute labelling and great souvenirs.  Stop in and get a bit tipsy sipping free samples with Saul.  Definitely get a t-shirt when the new order comes in.  The Rum, Cigar & Coffee House is a place you want to stop in when you visit San Pedro.

Here is a picture of Saul Nunez in his shop…it isn’t my best work but it’s the only one I have.  Tell him I sent you.

What was I posting about one year ago?  Another Sail to Caye Caulker with Seaduced Adventures

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  • Does he do Romeo y Julietas in the aluminium tubes?

  • Me

    He has the Romeo y Julietas…I bet he has them in aluminum. But I’ll stop in and check when I’m next in town. Those your fave?

  • Definitely the best. I have pulled his email address from his signs that you photographed and am writing to him, telling him that I learnt about him through you.

    Hopefully it is the start of a beautiful relationship.

  • Definitely the best. I have pulled his email address from his signs that you photographed and am writing to him, telling him that I learnt about him through you.

    Hopefully it is the start of a beautiful relationship.

  • Luanda was until this year the most expensive city in the world. Piqued, Tokyo has reclaimed the number on spot. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people here with large amounts of disposable income.

    I enquired through proper channels about importing a few cases of Cuban cigars to Angola.

    I was directed to Casa Cubana. They informed me that the franchise for the whole of Africa is held by a Cypriot company so I had a chat with them. They told me to present my businesss plan.

    For feck´s sake, all I want is a decent smoke and not pay ridiculous mark ups. I import a few cases, smoke some and sell the rest.

    Doesn’t that sound like a business plan to you?

  • Brinng the Cubans into the US is indeed illegal, but easy to smuggle……as long as you are not trying boxes of them. never been caught YRET and the worst case scenario is they get confiscated.

  • Mysteryboy, are they still really that strict?

    I always used to smoke Romeo y Julietas and my briefcase had a row of loops into which I could slide the aluminium tubes. I recall a US customs officer, having asked me to open my case, looking at them with the sort of fondness only a cigar smoker could have so I pulled one out and left it lying on his table.

    I hear horror stories about US customs and immigration but apart from some long waits, I personally have always found them very human. Even the traffic police with whom I had the odd ‘chat’…

  • DougSR

    I wonder if they are real Cohibas are the counterfeits you see in Mexico.

  • or the crap ones we see here in Angola. Good point Doug but the labels all look good so I live in hope…

  • SportsBookJunkie

    Great blog about the cigars! I wanted to know if there were any good cigar shops in town. Now I know where to go on my next visit! Thanks

  • Paul Gerber

    Will be moving to Ambergris Kaye the first week of November 2015 as a permanent resident, (QRP). Being a 20 year cigar smoker, it is nice to know that I no longer have to shipping my cigars to San Pedro or ordering on the internet, I will visit your shop on Saturday, November 7th.