A Walk in Bacalar Chico/Northern Ambergris Caye Continues…

Yesterday, I wrote about a walk I took “on the road less traveled” at the very beginning of Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve park at the northern end of Ambergris Caye.  The walk was about an hour, we saw only one person at his home, no golf carts, no moving boats, a dock or two, some truly beautiful beaches, the reef barely a few hundred feet away and some of the most amazing ocean you will see anywhere on earth.  GORGEOUS.  Here are some more pictures…We had just passed Tranquility Bay and then a few hundred feet north, Turtleman’s House.  (It looks super scenic at anytime of day…especially when the sun is rising over it.)

Many of the houses are wooden and many look uninhabited.

Never thought of using a boat as a coconut tree planter…

Did I mention how smitten I am with the beaches and the view?

Let’s keep walking…

Uh oh…a mysterious bag filled with something white on the beach.  Leave it and run.  I mean, first stage a photo and then, RUN!

Most of the houses are closed up.

And separated by long stretches of empty beach.

And then this place…does anyone know what it is?  Sort of looks like the Alamo, has a bar area in the downstairs…could be an older resort…but definitely closed.

As you get farther up, there are more and more turtle signs.

I didn’t see any turtles but I hear it is their mating season so they are probably looking for a little privacy.  And trust me, I was careful where I walked.  Nothing would make you feel worse than stepping on a baby turtle nest.

About a mile up, you run into a lone house next to a point with a long dock and a windmill…the road veers inland a bit.

Time to head back down the beach…

Back to home sweet (temporary) home.  Tranquility Bay is just beyond Turtleman’s House (you can see the bar and restaurant out over the water).  I am telling you…I can’t get enough pictures of either place.

I thought that I knew Ambergris Caye but this northern part of the island is really a whole different world.  One I don’t want to leave…

And one I’m going to be visiting much more in the future.

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