Hidden Valley Inn: It’s Easy Being Outdoorsy When You are Living Like This

In my post yesterday, I was patting myself on the back for getting outdoors, for being a bit rugged.  (See my post about the water falls and wild life of Hidden Valley Inn.)  And…well…some of you who have visited Hidden Valley called me out.  Pointed out that it is very easy to hike and enjoy the outdoors when you are eating and staying in 5 star accommodations.  And…sigh…you are right.

Here is a look at the gorgeous lodging and food at Hidden Valley Inn.
So here is how I was really living…The rooms are large and clean.  Each with a small sitting area, desk and a fire place!  Good sheets, good mattress, good pillows, good products in the bathroom, good Wi-Fi.  I was very happy.
Just outside the door so you can feed the fire on cool nights.
And the bathroom in the suite.  My first real bath in years felt…awesome.
And through the door is this very cool outside shower.
The water comes from this orchid covered rock formation.  But I kept my focus on the bath tub.
There was even an screened in outside porch with a hammock and sitting area.
Here are some photos in the main lodge.
And if you get sick of swimming in natural pools at the bottom of waterfalls…
What is a girl to eat while roughing it in the wilderness?
The dinner menu changed each night.
(If you are looking for something lighter or just different, there is a regular menu with pizzas, salads and sandwiches for both lunch and dinner.)
In case you are worried that you burned off too many calories hiking and swimming.  Some eggs benedict for breakfast…
And an over-the-top double lobster tail with honey, truffle cream sauce laced with crab meat, shrimp and calamari.
And yes, it tasted better than it looks.
Okay, enough food porn.  It wasn’t just the food and the room that I loved at Hidden Valley.  My favorite thing might have been the staff, and there are lots of staff members.  Each and everyone called me by name each time I saw them.  From the bartender to the guides, they were all incredibly friendly and they all knew my name.  I am a total sucker for stuff like that.
Many people that visit Belize do a half/half trip.  A few days in the jungle followed by a few on the beach.  Yes, it is more expensive and yes, the travel can eat up 3-4 hours of your trip but it is totally worth it.  Imagine lying on the beach and never seeing the jungle, the animals, the Mayan ruins?  Belize is lucky enough to have both in such a small country.  Almost like two totally different vacations.
Anyway…all of this, the cool nights and my condo here in San Pedro that is in dire need of a scrubbing is making me miss it.  I think you can pick up what I am laying down…I love Hidden Valley Inn.  And I will be back.  I still need to see Caracol (the largest Mayan ruins in Belize)…
And, of course, this.

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