Tasting Belikin’s New Verano Beer & A Rainbow Over the Sea

Oranges are one of Belize’s biggest crops (along with sugar and bananas).  And I’ll be honest, they are not the prettiest fruit.  They look nothing like the big, seedless, waxy, bright orange Sunkist fruit that I was used to in the States.Here is a pile below.  The green heap on the left right in front of the pineapples.  They are certainly not going to be featured in any TV commercials for oranges.

But despite the appearance, Belize oranges are SWEET and tasty…the best, in my opinion, for juicing.  So when Belikin decided to add a new flavor to its line-up…the combination sounded brilliant.  A light summer ale with an orange twist.  I mean, heck, I LOVE Blue Moon Belgian style beer that is always served with an orange slice.  (I say Belgian style because Blue Moon is actually brewed by the US mega-company Molson Coors).  I always order it when it’s on tap.

Belikin Beer has already brewed two new beer flavors in 2012 (I hadn’t seen one new one in my previous 5 years here).  All of the new twists are based on locally grown flavors. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!
At Christmastime, we got Sorrel Stout.  Warm and spicy, after my initial harsh review, it became a favorite of mine.  It sold off shelves quickly and a second batch was ordered.  (Now gone.)
For the Toledo Cacao Festival in May, Belikin unveiled Chocolate Stout.  I really liked this one from the get-go…it had an INTENSE chocolate flavor.  Though tasty, it is filling and one was certainly enough.  Originally issued by the keg, and later by the bottle with a fancy gold foil topper (like a champagne bottle), I believe this one sold out too.
So now we have a summer time beer.  Verano.  What a super cute cap…a collectors item unto itself.
The beer is light in color and smells ever so slightly of oranges.  I took a sip…
I was hoping for a very light beer with an citrus flavor.  I didn’t taste too much orange (and the two other people I had taste it didn’t either) and there was a strange after taste.  Almost like the flavor of Light House beer to me.
Not my new favorite but I love something different.  Try it and let me know what you think.  And I wonder what’s next?  A nice pumpkin spice stout for Halloween?  An Independence Day Celebration Ale with Lime & Salt for September 21st?  I’ve got some ideas…
Here is something that everyone loves.  I mean…what is wrong with you if you don’t like a rainbow?
Ahhhh…rainbow over Mata Rock’s.
We’ve had rain since that.  Last night was some SERIOUS thunderstorms and there is a tropical wave coming through right now.  Doesn’t mean rain ALL day.  But we should see quite a bit.

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