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The Dog Days Of Summer? Lizard Parts and Empty Pools

Summer and the slower season have definitely arrived in Belize.  Here on the island, it’s hotter, the chances of rain have increased (particularly at night) and the kids are out from school.  Many of them hit the beach yesterday.

We are also between the big festivals.  Mid to late June brings the Lobsterfest all over the country and the first weekend in August, the International Costa Maya to San Pedro.

My cat has no problem amusing herself. I know this is cruel of me…but it is what she does outside!  She collects lizard tail.  This is yesterday afternoon’s harvest.

That’s her “don’t mess with my tails” look.  Did you know that the tail kicks around for a full minute after removal?  Gross…I know.  I don’t encourage it.  But a cat has a one track mind.

Many properties use this summer/fall season to do a bit of maintenance work.  Royal Palms (the condo community where I reside) drained their pool this week and is giving it a good scrub.

Note to residents:  No late night swims after a few drinks until the weekend!

But fear not, if you are visiting, there is still PLENTY going on.  Not exactly dog days.   Businesses are in full swing.  If a business closes (and not many do anymore), it is not until September or October.

Belikin has even released a new citrusy, light Verano Belikin for these very dog days.  I’ll let you know when I get my hands on it!

For a full calendar of upcoming events, scroll to the bottom of this blog.

And for me?  My best friend, Jamie, arrives tomorrow for 7 full weeks.  Good.  Times.

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4 thoughts on “The Dog Days Of Summer? Lizard Parts and Empty Pools

  1. Rachel Hoke

    Hi! I think you posted on my blog about that sweet red dog that lives by Marina’s. We got very attached to him while there – he looks just like our Saga dog that we brought home. I’ve just read on FB about the town council poisoning stray dogs today!! Can you confirm this? I hope it’s a terrible rumor. Just awful. Please let me know if our red dog is still around and OK. Thanks so much, Rachel

  2. Me

    It is not a rumor. They did poison dogs last night. Apparently over 30 dogs in all. I stopped by Marina’s today and your dog’s twin is fine. I was going to take a picture of him for you…but I didn’t. Terrible.

  3. Rachel Hoke

    Oh THANK YOU so much for checking on him for me! I fed him and loved on him during our 2 weeks there! I felt sick all afternoon after hearing about this. The entire thing pisses me off incredibly. There are other much more humane ways to handle this. How did they determine which dogs to poison do you know?

  4. Rachel Hoke

    Oh and next time you see that sweet dog please take a photo for me!! Thanks so much! I’m following your blog now…

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