Things I Saw Yesterday: A Beautiful Day

For all of you who like the bar and late night scene of San Pedro, I apologize.  I hope that many of my posts over the next few weeks will be similar to this one.  Good old fashioned walks on the beach.  My best friend has arrived for the summer and we, AGAIN, have devoted ourselves to fitness and clean living.  Well…at least for as long as it lasts.  Some summers we do well and some we don’t.Wish me luck.

Until I’m back in my normal state, here is what I saw yesterday.

This crab was not happy to see me.  Does anyone know what is beneath her?  Eggs?  Or is that what a land crab usually looks like?

Xanadu is doing some sort of construction with this gorgeous piece of timber.  I would estimate that it is 4 feet in diamater.

The construction guys insisted that it will be a bench…but a bench for 10 foot tall individuals?  I’ll have to wait and see.

Down close to the Belize Yacht Club, a new spa is doing massages out on this long pier.

Here are some pictures of my walk south in the morning.  It really was a gorgeous day.  Hot and sunny but with a nice cool breeze off the ocean.  I’m guessing we only have a few more weeks until the breeze disappears.  But, knock on wood, the hurricane season has been fairly kind to the Atlantic so far.

Have a great day.

What was I blogging about one year ago today?  My Favorite Meal in San Pedro.  I wish I was eating this right now.

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