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You Voted For My Lunch in Town and Noticing Some Changes

Yesterday, I asked for a lunch suggestion on the San Pedro Scoop facebook page.  I promised to lunch at whatever place received the most votes.  And I got tons of votes.  Over 60.  People voted for Elvi’s Kitchen, Ramons, Mickey’s, Caliente, Blue Water Grill, Wild Mango’s, Red Ginger, El Fogon, Caprice, Hemmingways Cafe, Victoria House, Mesa Grill, Mathieu’s and more.  So I counted the votes on facebook and email and the winner?  Caliente.  Did I go?  No.  I went to Wild Mango’s instead.  It was raining!  And Mango’s outside deck is protected from the rain.Here is my protecting roof decorated with old buoys.

And yesterday specials.  But I always choose one of two things.

I had the buffalo chicken wrap.  Delicious rainy day comfort food.  Creamy dressing, avocado…yummy.  And half is packed up for dinner.  Economical too!

Today, I promise, I will eat at Caliente.  I love Caliente.  See the hardship that I go through for you guys?

On my walk into town, I noticed two changes.

Abdul has moved his store La Isla Grocery (the store across the street from the Belize Yacht Club).  When I lived in that neighborhood, I must have visited his store 4 times a day.  And he remains one of my favorite store owners in town.

Previous store front:

And now…

The store has moved a few buildings south to the large old Orange Store building.  That place is NICE inside…this will be a good upgrade.

In town, the turnover continues on this corner bar right in the middle of town.  In the past three years, it has been Stadium Sports Bar, Croc’s Bar (pictured here in December 2011)…

here it is in April 2012 as San Pedro Starz

And now…

Interesting name…

And who said I don’t take pictures of myself?

They have a small menu…burgers, wings, hot dogs.  I wish them luck.

No comment.

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6 thoughts on “You Voted For My Lunch in Town and Noticing Some Changes

  1. Omaha Dave

    Hi Rebecca,
    Do you know if it is possible to add your FB page as a friend so I can see any of your posts (like yesterday’s request for lunch advice)on my FB page ?

  2. Me

    My personal page or the page? Either one is fine with me. But one must be friend and one must be FAN!

  3. Snack Shack at San Pedro

    I recognize those shorts anywhere! LOL.

    I also LOVE the fish taco wrap…and the caesar dressing is delicious too.

  4. Me

    The shorts never stop! I should branch out…but when I love something? I can’t let it go. Amy’s Chef Salad and the buffalo chicken wrap. Or Mango’s Mongo Burrito…

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