A Day At Grand Caribe Resort

Yesterday I went up to Grand Caribe Resort to help out with a wedding.  Just a few miles north of town and the bridge, Grand Caribe is actually quite easy and quick to travel to…by golf cart or by boat.  Heck…these days you can actually take a taxi there.  The road isn’t bad at all…After helping wash and set up 60 or so chairs, I took a walk around the grounds.  Here’s what I’ve got for you…The place is huge and thoroughly modern by San Pedro standards where until a few years ago building was on a much smaller scale.

The view from the pool.  There are actually three pools.  One big one with Cowboy Doug’s Bar & Grill and then two smaller, more private ones.  All were getting pretty full by the time I left…a big Costa Maya weekend crowd.

Though most of the development is complete, there are one or two more buildings going up on the south side.  And a pretty big sea wall.

You can see the Ak’Bol dock (great for yoga, swimming and cheap food & drinks) and then the Palapa Bar in the distance.  Easy walking distance.  And definitely my two favorite docks on the island.

We have had hot relentless sun for the past week…yesterday a few clouds started to fill in and there was a very brief sprinkle.  It felt great.

Two iguanas, a boy and a girl, enjoying an afternoon cooking on a rock.

That’s all I’ve got folks.  Of course everyone here on the island is monitoring the direction, size and strength of Tropical Storm Ernesto.  Many projections overnight have shifted it southwards so that it is hitting northern Belize, southern Yucatan…very close to us.

Remember that it is still days away and many factors can change.

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