Do You Want A Postcard from Belize? Let Me Know!

A new shipment just arrived at Casa Scoop.  While I was in Panama a few months ago, my friend Dani designed these super cute postcards for me.  A little marketing.  LUCKILY, she also found friends willing to carry a 12 lb box of cards down to  Belize.  Yes, they are saints.   It is like having a log in your bag.

So…for the first 20 people that leave me a comment at the bottom of this blog AND send an email with your address to [email protected] (we don’t want to flash it all over the internet, do we?), I will send you a personalized postcard from Belize.

Please.  Try to contain your excitement.  This is a collector’s item people!

Open to anyone living outside of San Pedro.  If you live here and want one (or more…), I’ll probably be carrying them at all times…I HAVE 1000!  Just hail me.

Also, this is my first post today.  I will post in a few hours about Ernesto, Tropical Storm Ernesto which is OBVIOUSLY the #1 thing on everyones mind today (my internet is hit and miss this morning).  Ernesto has weakened but is still headed DIRECTLY at us.

For many updates re: the storm and information on San Pedro (from me), your best bet is to become a fan of on Facebook.  Just click on the icon on the left hand side of this page.

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  • Damara O’Neill

    me me me I would love a post card

  • Sandy Holien

    Great Blog….I would love a postcard!!!

  • DougSR

    Stay safe with Ernesto. I’ll be watching “Scoop” carefully.

  • Susan Kilmer

    I would love a postcard! The blog is a great idea!


    A postcard from Belize would be welcoming in my mailbox.

  • Just recently found your blog..INCREDIBLE! 🙂 Great help for our first trip next Spring… love your style..I would love a postcard too..

  • Debbie Styles

    I read your blog everyday. Will be back to Belize next feb for the 3rd year in a row. Love San Pedro and would love a postcard.

  • Van A. Yon

    How great it would be to actually receive something, especially from Belize, other than a bill to pay in my mailbox. Need my Atlanta, GA, USA address? 🙂

  • Okie Ken

    Love your blog, and would like a postcard. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, that Ernesto will pass you by, my wife and myself are scheduled to arrive in San Pedro the 12th for a 10 day stay @ Casa Verano. We honey mooned there 4 years ago. Maybe our paths will cross while we’re there. Wii be viewing your daily blog to keep us informed.
    Thank you

  • CTomblin

    I would love a post card from you! I will even send you some back!

  • KvdBosch

    Thanks so much! Love Belize and love your blog! Can’t wait to receive it! It would be cool to find out where all your postcards end up too!


  • Omaha Dave

    Hi Rebecca,
    I would love to get a postcard from Heaven errrr Ambergris Caye !
    I’ve e-mailed you my addreess = thank you very much !!!

  • susan k

    Love your blog and San Pedro! Looking forward to visiting again in December!

  • DebbieF

    Cute postcards! I would love to have one to help pass the months until my next trip! Thanks, Rebecca!


  • Whitney Espinoza

    I would so love a card ~ my dream is to come and stay in Belize. It pulls at me daily. Thank you for your kindness.

  • Leisa

    Hi Rebecca. I too would love a postcard from Belize. Hubby gets our mail. I won’t tell him it’s coming and he’ll be jealous 🙂

  • Southern Comfort Zone

    Ooh, me me me! I would love a postcard from Belize to tie me over until I get to return!

  • Bill simpson

    Did I make it? If I count right, I am 18.

    I enjoy your blog. Makes me want to get back there soon.

  • The Himes-Claybin Family

    I would love one

  • Gail

    I would LOVE one of your collector item postcards!!! See you in Jan. Be safe.

  • Me

    Hey guys! Thanks for all the messages. Keep the addresses coming…I’ve got more!

  • mnhotdish

    Please, please, I would like a post card. It will get me through until we return in February.

  • Looks like I am too late for a postcard, but wanted to let you know I think they are super cute! Stay safe!

  • Dixiefried

    Great blog, I know it takes a lot of time to keep it going. Thanks for the hard work!

  • Me

    I didn’t get addresses from everyone here! 38 cards going out! NO MAS! Well…for now. My hand has done that much actual writing in AGES.

  • 18°North

    We received your postcard yesterday. Thanks you!! We were just over dropping off a few things our caretakers kids with our guest that are arriving tomorrow and saw this on their front lawn. Does it get anymore Texas than that?

  • 18°North

    We were just over dropping off a few things our caretakers kids with our guest that are arriving tomorrow and saw this on their front lawn. Does it get anymore Texas than that? We received your postcard yesterday. Thanks you!!