Do You Want A Postcard from Belize? Let Me Know!

A new shipment just arrived at Casa Scoop.  While I was in Panama a few months ago, my friend Dani designed these super cute postcards for me.  A little marketing.  LUCKILY, she also found friends willing to carry a 12 lb box of cards down to  Belize.  Yes, they are saints.   It is like having a log in your bag.

So…for the first 20 people that leave me a comment at the bottom of this blog AND send an email with your address to [email protected] (we don’t want to flash it all over the internet, do we?), I will send you a personalized postcard from Belize.

Please.  Try to contain your excitement.  This is a collector’s item people!

Open to anyone living outside of San Pedro.  If you live here and want one (or more…), I’ll probably be carrying them at all times…I HAVE 1000!  Just hail me.

Also, this is my first post today.  I will post in a few hours about Ernesto, Tropical Storm Ernesto which is OBVIOUSLY the #1 thing on everyones mind today (my internet is hit and miss this morning).  Ernesto has weakened but is still headed DIRECTLY at us.

For many updates re: the storm and information on San Pedro (from me), your best bet is to become a fan of on Facebook.  Just click on the icon on the left hand side of this page.

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