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Gorgeous Days, The Set Up For Costa Maya and Tropical Storm Ernesto?

I hesitate to even feature “Tropical Storm Ernesto” since the 1.  weather has been gorgeous the last few days.  HOT but sparkly blue almost perfect..

2.  This storm isn’t even a tropical one yet…it’s just a nameless, lame depression #5 at this point.  But it is projected to head in our general direction…and these storms have been known to pick up speed or change direction, so best to keep an eye on this asshole.  Especially since it’s not projected to be over much land soon…

Grrr…I guess it can’t hurt to get my hurricane preparedness kit together.  Refill my 5 gallon water jug (mostly for showering if power goes out for a day or two and it gets HOT), locate my flashlights, matches and candles, charge my camera, buy a few cans of chick peas and a bottle or rum.  I am lucky.  I live in a very sturdy cement condo that has weathered quite a few storms over its 15+ years.

Yesterday morning I was in the DFC area towards the lagoon side of the island and I watched truck after truck unloading fair rides from the barge.  Think I’ll stop into town to check them out.

Set up by both team Belikin beer & soda guys and the Mexican carnies was in full effect.

The main stage is being erected…

And all of the old school fair rides are being unloaded…

Not exactly sure what some of these are going to be…

And all the boothes and classic fair games (you know…the ones where you throw a ball at a row of bottles, spend $25 to win a $2 prize) are being set up too…

Costa Maya Festival is the only time the rides for the kids will be in San Pedro this year.  In the past, we had them for Dia de San Pedro and Costa Maya…but now they are a one time deal.

The only downside?  (And it’s quite a downside…)  This festival is EXPENSIVE.  Bringing in all of these artists and equipment ain’t cheap.  The fair is unaffordable for many.  A weekend long ticket is $125BZD for adults and $60bzd for children.  (Tough when the average person with a job makes about $5-8bzd an hour.)

To help out with this a bit, rides are free from 7-11pm (if you have a ticket).  Your best bet if your kids are dying to go?  Get them a $20bzd one day ticket and get them on as many free rides as possible.  (Though your ticket is going to cost $60bzd…you might want to wait outside and hope for the best.)

Have a great Costa Maya festival everyone.

What was I posting about one year ago today?  Abdul Harmouch at La Isla Supermarket.  Love him.  And if you see him over the next week or two…don’t mention food.  Fasting at Ramadan is serious business.

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4 thoughts on “Gorgeous Days, The Set Up For Costa Maya and Tropical Storm Ernesto?

  1. Carbunkle Trumpet

    First of all it makes me nervous anytime there is a hint of a hurricane or bad storm near Belize. I know that there are those who know what to do but sadly there are a lot of people who live in flood zones and don’t have housing that can barely withstand a bad rain.

    Second, If the hurricane doesn’t get you then those dangerous arse carvival rides will! I still recall the Ferris Wheel during Dia de San Pedro one summer and that thing was swaying worse than I was after leaving BC’s!

    Plenty of room up here in Memphis for Hurricane Evacuation and let’s be honest, you haven’t lived till you see Graceland during Dead Elvis month! Be safe Scoop!

  2. Me

    Man, I’ve always wanted to go to Graceland…tempting. I am definitely watching Ernesto…and for the next few months. And hoping we get lucky.

  3. Angela Patrick

    We leave for San Pedro on Sunday, can’t wait but should we be more than just watchful? It seems to still be unorganized.

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