Heading up to Ak’Bol and Palapa Bar on a HOT Summer Day

When I go visit the states, one of the most frequent questions that I get is:  “Don’t you miss the changing season?”  No.  No, I don’t…at least not in the way they are asking.  Cold weather makes me miserable for the most part and we DO have seasons in Belize, definite seasons.   This past day or two have been definite examples of the hot, almost breeze less weather that we tend to have at the end of summer/early fall.The water is so flat that there isn’t even a break over the reef in many spots.  And the sky is so so incredibly blue.

For me, too cheap and stubborn to turn on my air conditioning, one of the coolest spots on the island is a moving one…driving on a golf cart.  You are able to generate your own breeze.  So yesterday, I called my “Lebanese son”, Mahmoud (one of my favorite guys in town) at Caye Mart and took him up on his offer to let me borrow a golf cart for an afternoon.

Caye Mart has a new golf cart business (if you don’t know them, check out my post on Mahmoud above.  Caye Mart is located just north of town by Castillo’s Hardware).

The whole fleet of carts is parked across the  street from Coconuts Hotel.  (Just stop in there and say hi.  They have a new puppy watch dog, Max, who is much more interested in tail wagging and sleeping than protecting any silly golf carts.)

I picked up my San Pedro S-Coupe de Ville for the afternoon.

Also, make sure you ask for your “local discount” when you go into the store or to rent a golf cart.  Mention San Pedro Scoop and you might just get some extra love.

We payed the toll and headed over the bridge.  Golf carts are $10bzd round trip.

But enough about that…I love laying on a dock in the sun and one of the best on the island is the huge dock they have at Ak’Bol.

Here are some pictures of their super cute bar, restaurant and amazing dock.

I love this place because it just feels like it could be no where but Belize.  Great paint job.  The menu goes all the way up onto the ceiling.

The menu.

And the dock…you can spend hours here sunning and swimming.

Ak’Bol is just north of the Palapa Bar and south of Grand Caribe.  After lounging and swimming, my skin cried “uncle”.  So we headed out and stopped for some diet cokes at Palapa Bar.

Not to worry…everything about this amazing spot makes me want to “be nice”.  Everyone who visits the island should be stopping at Palapa Bar for an afternoon.

Maybe hanging out in the inner tubes and having a bucket of beer lowered to you…

And I LOVE these cups they have for sale.  Very cute.

Back to town and to return the golf cart.  Thanks Caye Mart.  Let’s make this a regular thing?

For rates and golf cart information, you can contact Mahmoud through his brandy new facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/CayeMart

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