Hurricane Ernesto in San Pedro, Belize: The Morning After?

It actually doesn’t feel like “the morning after” at all…as of 8am, we are experiencing the heaviest winds since this storm moved so dangerously close to Ambergris Caye.(Picture from late yesterday afternoon.)

The water came up high, but not dangerously so (not much higher than the picture above at Mata Rocks).  And we were lucky again to be on the south side of the storm…since it moves counter clock wise, it minimizes what could be a very high ocean surge.

Here are some pictures Rhonda took when she braved the weather for a morning walk.  Rhonda is the host of Morning Matters here in San Pedro.

The Belize Yacht Club likes to fill in their seawall with trash and palm fronds…it usually collapses when lots of water comes in.

The dock at Ramon’s often gets lots of wave action.
The sign at BC’s did fall over…
Here is my picture of it from yesterday…

The beach is messy…but intact.

We are still not out of the woods yet…

With the swirling bands, rain and winds should continue all moring.

And right now?  The wind is picking up again (40+mphs) and it is POURING.  I think I”ll stay in for a bit.  It’s probably a good idea if everyone does.

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