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The World’s Best Beach: Tulum, Mexico. A Mere Stone’s Throw From Belize.

I’m not going to call it “one of the world’s best beaches” anymore and I’m just going to name it THE BEST.  Tulum, Mexico’s beach is absolute perfection.  I don’t see what could make a beach better.  Powdery pinkish white sand that never gets hot sloping down to the perfect warm ocean, never crowded, lined with small palapa boutique hotels, Mexican beers and ceviche…I love it.I guess it’s best to just to show you some pictures of the beach yesterday.

The view from my beach chair…

The beach club/hotel that I like…a bucket of 5 Coronas is $12USD.  They are very generous about always allowing us to use their super comfortable chairs and their amazing view.

The set-up as you enter.

What the hotels, house and hotels all look like…

A very interesting and tall tree house like palapa that is under construction…

That would be a pretty arch to wed beneath (for you of course, not me).

My obsession with drift wood/giant trees washed up on the beach.   It makes me feel like a real photographer.

See?  I’m a regular beach Ansel Adams in Tulum.

And after 4 hours recklessly roasting in the blazing sun (I’m turning 39 tomorrow for goodness sake!), we are back in town and gearing up for one more day on this beach.

Do you know a better beach?  Huh?  Didn’t think so…

Oh yes…see you soon Belize.

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7 thoughts on “The World’s Best Beach: Tulum, Mexico. A Mere Stone’s Throw From Belize.

  1. DougSR

    Probably the reason I’ve never made it to Belize. Can’t wait to stay with my friends at OM in 2 months.

  2. Me

    I can see why it’s hard to pry yourself off this beach. It’s like a movie set…

    Yesterday was the most crowded i’ve ever seen it at Om…but I guess that’s the BBQ Sunday Funday thing.

  3. Emily

    Stunning photos — Ansel Adams has nothing on you! We are hoping to get to Tulum this fall. Can’t wait. Thanks for the mention of the deal at “OM” — looks great!

  4. Me

    I’m in love with the town too…and my little hotel Secret Garden.

    Something about travel makes me a very positive person!

  5. Life's a Beach!

    We’re checking out Tulum for our next trip to the area. I was there back in 2004 just to see the ruins, and we never checked out the rest of the Tulum area. Sounds like it might be a nice change for a relaxing trip!

  6. DougSR

    My first trip was 2001 and every year since. It’s changed immensely from a little town of 4000 people. Sunday is certainly the most crowded day on the beach at OM. My other favorite spot is Ziggy Beach for 2 for 1 cocktails, awesome beach beds, kiteboarders displaying their skill, and friendly service.

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