Walking South to North: Pictures All Over Town (Really)

Yesterday, I had plenty of meetings to attend (most seem to be linking up with friends at an assortment of bar but HEY! In San Pedro, I classify that as an “official meeting”.  Plus, it was hot tea and soda waters all day.)  The most important was dropping off my friend Jamie at Tropic Air for her return flight to the states.  She has been visiting for seven weeks now and we’ve had some extremely good times this summer.But you guys have heard all about my summer.  So let me talk about my walk-about yesterday.

Right here at my home, Royal Palms, the palmetto tree is blooming.

I have also seen these flowers for sale at a few veggie stands.  Apparently they are eaten like vegetables.  One local told me “you can eat them with eggs”.  Eggs and flowers?  Does anyone have information on this plant?  I’m intrigued…

I walked through Grand Colony.  They always have a very pretty garden.  (And YES! these were my “errands”.)

I like how many of the royal palms have orchids hanging from them.  This is the only one that was blooming.  Not the most gorgeous flower but an interesting one…

Time for the favorite last lunch at Wild Mango’s.  It was a full house.

Across the street from Tropic Air, Jambel’s (in the building that formerly housed Lime) has closed its doors.  The only Jambel Jerk outpost now seems to be way up north at Xaman Ek Retreat.  A reggae/Jamaican jerk/eco-spa.  That is certainly another spot I need to put on my list!

Tropic Air is now a BTL (Belize Telecom Ltd.) Hot Spot.  Full free passwordless Wi-Fi in the terminals.  In Belize that is NOT the norm…in fact, I don’t know of any others.  Half  the crowd was busy on their smart phones.

I placed some postcards by the free coffee area of the terminal.

Not my finest idea.  The super efficient maintenance guy tossed them right in the trash.  Oh well…I’m new at this marketing game!

My next stop after sending my bestie packing?  The “Old Football field” or Saca Chispas.  A $6 million USD project is starting to rejuvenate (well completely re-do) this area used for sports, events and fishing boats.  Please don’t ask me my opinion on this use of the huge sum of money…

Here is the plan.


The construction has started.  Sunset Grill is certainly placed in a prime position if this area really takes off.

The area where fruit and fish is sold early in the morning.

The whole front area has been closed off and the bleachers removed.  Where have all the town drunks gone?  I’m sure safely relocated.

We are definitely covering lots of topics today.

Speaking of drinking, I passed a colorful beer delivery truck on Middle Street.  Apparently our newest beer offering Carib (bottled in Trinidad) is growing in popularity.  That’s quite a few cases…

Generally a bit more expensive than Belikin at stores, I’ve seen more and more people trying it.

I stopped at Sailaway Coffee shop and restaurant for a bit of tea (you need more than just black!), a meeting and some more Wi-Fi.   Apparently there are new owners and I met a very pleasant gentleman who is re-tooling the menu.

And then a walk farther north to Wayo’s Bar and Internet.  Plenty of kids and families were in the water and under palm trees trying to beat the heat.  It seems as though Hurricane Isaac has sucked all the breeze out of the Caribbean and we are seeing some seriously hot weather.

Love this tiny “office” out on the pier…

That was my day.  Thanks for following me around…

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