A Beach Walk On Ambergris Caye…Some New Things and An Old Favorite

Yesterday morning, I headed north to walk some dogs at the SAGA Humane Society.  Here are some things that I saw along the way.Royal Palms just completed a project to reclaim the beach.  About 20 feet off the current shoreline, big sacks of sand have been placed.  Supposedly, over time, new sand will wash over the bags and be trapped.  Let’s hope it works!  We’ll have the biggest sandiest beach in San Pedro.

A pretty but menacing looking osprey was surveying the sea for something to eat.

There were a few big black clouds but in general the day was GORGEOUS.  The darkness just makes the blues of the ocean look brighter.

Some colorful decoration at a local house right before Xanadu.

For the past week, sea grass or sargasso has been washing up on shore in huge amounts.  A couple times a year it just washes up in bulk.  A few hotels have a team of guys keeping it under control…

And some are fighting an uphill battle.

It’s actually a little bit pretty when it’s on its way out.  Can you see it?

After years of slow to no construction, the last six months have seen A TON of changes at the Belize Yacht Club.   New bars, restaurants opening…a very ambitious project.

No mention of the casino that was installed maybe 6 months ago…maybe longer.  When I pass, I ask the security guys when it will open and get mostly shrugs…once “maybe Christmas”.  I guess we need to wait and see.

Here are some pictures of the construction.

The old pool bar is being rechristened Ion Pool Bar.

The pool at the new section is getting pretty close.

I wonder if the pretty decrepit dock is going to get any rehab.

Around the corner Pedro’s Inn is erecting some new building QUICKLY.  I need to take a closer look…the lot seems to be seriously packed right now.  The bar and older building are dwarfed!

Last stop.  The SAGA Fort Dog where the non-puppy adoptees live and wait with baited breathe for someone to come walk them.  They practically pass out with excitement.  It’s super cute.

Please send me an email for any information about dog walking.  The more the merrier…and the more these guys get out and about.

Phew…back home and I stopped right across the street for something I haven’t had in ages.  A classic Belizean BBQ plate.  There are so many options and discussions about what makes it a classic plate…some have stewed beans and tortilla, some have rice and beans and coleslaw but I love potato salad.  It makes the meal.  So delicious mixed with the rice & beans or with the BBQ, it’s almost a condiment.

The best in town happens to be 30 feet from  my front door.  Robin’s Kitchen.  Nice spicy sauce.  Find this restaurant!

Right now I’m off to Boca Del Rio Park (just before the bridge) to pick up trash with Belize Oceana for International Coastal Clean-up Day.   Wish my lower back luck.

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