Beach Trash Clean-up on a GORGEOUS Saturday Morning Plus A Bit of Fried Chicken

The past few days, Ambergris Caye has seen the most beautiful weather.  Intensely blue skies, pretty puffy white clouds with lavender underbellies,  a slightly cooling breeze, super HOT sun and at night?  A huge full moon.Rainy season?  What rainy season?

Yesterday also happened to be International Coastal Clean-Up Day organized by the ocean conservation group, Oceana.  So at 8am Saturday morning, some volunteers, the San Pedro Sun newspaper and the Leo’s Club (Junior Lions) suited up to pick up trash in San Pedro Town.

And as pretty as the view was?  In the blazing sun, this is hard, hard work.  But I am sure you agree, well worth it.

We started at Boca Del Rio Park, north of town and just before the bridge.

This remains one of my favorite parts of the island.  I love the sandy beachfront road, the local fisherman and dive shops, Wayo’s Bar and the mangroves along some of the shore line.  See some baby mangroves peaking up?

The park and the cut in the island (under the bridge) is a favorite swimming area.  Bags of sand have been placed along some of the beach to keep it from washing away.  Plus, kids love to lounge on them.

Okay.  Enough looking at the scenery, there is work to do.  Mary from SP Sun gave us the rules, after safety and our mission.  Basically pick up all the trash on the beach…

We were given fetching pink and purple plastic gloves (that became sweat water balloons in the hot sun) and “score cards”, to track what we were finding so we could report back to headquarters.

And we got to it.  And filled up quite a few bags.

Amigo’s Del Mar Dive Shop was our first rest stop.  They watered us down with some cold orange Tang.  Took me right back to my grandmother’s kitchen when I was little.  The drink of astronauts.

Here are the Leos posing with their beverages.

Teenagers out early on a Saturday morning in the hot sun?  It’s a modern day miracle.  Right here in San Pedro.  Dedication…these guys were upbeat for the whole project.

And all of us when we reached the BTB office…the end of the line.  Thank goodness for the backlighting, I think it makes us look a bit less sweaty.

All that hard work deserves a big working man’s lunch.  And can you think of anything better than fried chicken?

We tried a spot that I’ve passed one million time but never visited.  The Reef Restaurant on Middle Street.  Their fried chicken comes highly recommended.

The restaurant is classic San Pedro…old school.  They have a sand floor and lots of buoys and fishing paraphernalia…

An old school menu…

Fried chicken for $10bzd?  Done.

They don’t have a facebook page or a website but they do have some very tasty food.  And enough of it for lunch and dinner.  For prettier pictures than mine, you can check out this blog.  For my plate and two huge fresh lime juices it was $14bzd.  I’ll be back.

Plus, this restaurant has been around for a while owned by the same San Pedrano family.  I am going to have to stop back just for an interview.

A quick but important note:  While this chicken was really, really good, it was not the best I’ve had.  For THE BEST I’VE EVER EATEN, you will need to travel to Caye Caulker and visit Syd’s (you can read about it here and look at lots of pictures of Caye Caulker).  It is SO worth the trip.

And I’ll leave you with some more scenery pictures (a bit farther south on Ambergris Caye) because the day really was perfection.  And this morning?  It looks like more of the same.

Pit of my day:  Finding out how much my hands sweat when encased in latex and exposed to extreme heat.

Peak of my day:  Floating in the pool for most of the afternoon.

What I was blogging about one year ago:  Scene Belize City…YES!  It’s There.  Though it might take a few visits to see it.

Phew!  Apparently I’m very chatty on Sunday mornings.

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