Let The Cats Play! A HUGE Cattery Donated to SAGA and How You Can Help Both the Cat & Dogs

Stop in at SAGA Humane Society just south of San Pedro town and you will notice a big change.Cats playing in the fresh air…

(did you know that “Torties” or brindled tortoiseshell colored cats are almost all girls just like calicos?)

…climbing (this beautiful shy girl really needs some people-friends to help her socialize a bit)…

posing (for just a second, get a toy out and this cutie goes wild)…


and lolling in the shade.

The SAGA cats are doing what cats do.   But mostly these guys are waiting for their new families to come pick them up, take them home and love them.  Speaking from lots of experience, cats are the best.

Mark Maggiotto from the beautiful Phoenix Resort here in town made a really amazing donation to the clinic. Both a cat and dog lover, he noticed that the cats at the Humane Society live in some really small spaces.  In their cages almost all of the time, they have no time to play and get exercise.  So, he not only donated the money for the new cattery but managed the construction.  Including the addition of some fine chicken wire to half the enclosure so that the kittens could frolick and not escape.

Here it is.

And here is Mark.

And here is Mark lovin’ on the cats.

It’s an amazing thing.

Drop in and check it out when you have a chance.  If you haven’t been to SAGA, we are just south of town.  Look for this sign.

Stop by and sit with cats, play with the cats, get them more and more comfortable with people.  Like us, some are super outgoing and some just need a little bit of coaxing to come out and play.  The more interaction they have, the better.  And that is why this new cattery is just the best idea ever.  Thanks so much Mark!

And for all you dog lovers, why not consider walking some of the dogs at Fort Dog?

Right now there are about 15 dogs housed in the fort who, like all dogs, love and need a good walk.  But, unfortunately, they don’t go out as much as they should since the few employees at the clinic are INCREDIBLY busy.

That’s where you come in.  These dogs are SO excited to see you and your leash.  Tails thumping, jumping, barking, plenty of licking and slobbering (they call that kissing with dogs, right?), you are going to want to wear some of your older clothes for this awesome experience.

Want to do it but don’t know where to start?  Join me on Tuesday, September 4 at 9am.  Let’s walk some dogs!

Or if you want to go another time contact me (on facebook, email or call me at 605-4347) or contact SAGA (at the number above) and definitely become a fan of the SAGA Humane Society on Facebook to keep up with the newest pictures, events and information so that you can help support the AMAZING work they do.

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