San Pedro’s Independence Day Parade…AMAZING Again. Part Two.

So yesterday, I showed you my pictures of the first half of the parade.  Let’s continue…I ended with ABC pre-school, my very favorite entry.

Next up with the AIDs Society.  These guys know how to turn it out…whether it’s December’s Lighted Boat Parade (another killer event here in San Pedro) or September 21st.

Miss Petie….

David Marin aka DJ Habo aka My Morning Show Guy.  Don’t take my picture!

Next…Belikin and Island Academy.  My second favorite group.

Nita and Amy.

And here comes the beer truck.   Free beers!

And Dixie following up…

Wilhema and her daughter.

Next up…a group with some AMAZING costumes.

And I missed out on all of the good pictures.  But check out the pictures from Conch Creative, they NAILED it.  Were we at the same parade?

Ugh.  I’m a total amateur.

Daddy Rock’s, one of the island’s night clubs, does such a great job on the lead truck.

Amazing energy…spark…spunk…

Followed by a whole line of vehicles.

Even the dogs were dressed.

And then I think we were towards the end…and I had so many beers…and it just became a big street party.

Oh wait!  There is more…

The Punta Boys.

Here comes Lick’s.  A restaurant on the beach.

This poor guy…


Sarah from Latitudes Cafe…

And Mishelly rocking her first Belize Independence Day.

Marina’s Store was next.  Go Lopez!

And the crew…

And Walter did some amazing DJing.  Check out Walter’s story here.

And that really was it.  It became a giant block party.

So, so, so, so fun.

In short, the parade was amazing.  Thanks everyone for stopping, handing me a rum punch and posing for me.  And I hope that everyone who thinks about visiting Belize thinks about September 21st.  It just might be the best day of the year.

And my evening devolved into spackle gun jelly shots…

Spilt beers on my leg…

And then pole climbing competitions.

See you next year!

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