St. George’s Caye, Part Three: The Resort and More Pictures of the Island

This is my third and my last post about my visit to St. George’s Caye on Sunday afternoon.  I described the history, the sailing regatta and the dignitaries a bit.  I told you about Karly, one seriously awesome 11 year old running his own aquarium on the caye.Here are the remaining pictures that I took (and liked…there were 293 in all).  Not to repeat myself but this island is TINY…only 9 permanent residents..  And there is only one hotel…St. George’s Caye Resort.  And the pcitures on their website don’t do the island justice.  But that’s just my opinion.This is one seriously cool place to spend the day and just wander around.

Let’s start with some of the vacation houses on the island.

Most are proper wooden summer houses and many have both seafront and lagoon views on the slim island.

Lawns and picket fences…

Some in need of a little TLC.

Big grassy meadows leading up to the sea…you can totally picture vacationing here as a kid. In fact, the place we used to go in New Hampshire was strangely similar…

Except for the food.  There was some seriously top notch BBQing  and picnicking going on.

Is it a Belizean thing or do BBQers world wide wipe the grill down with an onion half once it gets hot?

The sailing heats provided a very pretty back drop…(okay…another difference from the NH seaside)

So let’s get to the resort.  I say it is the only one on the island but I am not 100% sure.  It SEEMED to be…but there is some information on-line about a place called Pleasure Island.  Does anyone know if it still exists?

The bar was absolutely fantastic…set on the second floor of a wooden building the breeze was perfect on such a hot day.

There were setting up BBQ for a crowd that turned out to be much bigger than anticipated.  Never complete without “Sausage in a sticke”.  (I know…low quality to pick on spelling errors…low quality.)

The cabanas on the ocean side…

And then on the more lagoon side of the island (both sets of cabanas are within a stones through of the main lodge and the pool).   These units are set right around the water.

And honestly?  That is most of the beautiful island.

To summarize:  The San Pedro sailing team was out there doing their thing (winning and posing)…

or celebrating after the winning.

Karly, boy wonder, was fielding lots of tours with visitors to his impressive aquarium…

and we headed back to San Pedro at the end of the day where the New Miss San Pedro was ready to greet her brother, the champion of the Battle of St. George’s Caye Regatta.

Very cool day at a very cool island during a very cool time of year.

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