A Bar Birthday Challenge: Cheap, Fun and New

When you’ve lived on this island as long as I have (okay…so it’s only been 6 years but I like to start my posts out dramatically like that), you can fall into a bit of a rut.  Always eating the same thing, at the same places, going to the same stores and bars…time to find something new.Let’s change things up.Plus, it was Bonnie’s birthday.  (That is Bonnie below posing yesterday with the very cute Rudy of Wahoo’s Lounge.)

New.  Cheap.  Fun.  Open in October.  It’s a tall order.

But…after extensive plotting and planning, the afternoon was a success.  We located two bars that we hadn’t been to before, met new, very friendly bar owners, got caught in some seriously heavy rain and celebrated Bonnie’s birthday with many (perhaps one too many) Belikins.  And (I think) found a new favorite bar for my 2012 Best Bars on the Island list.

Here is where we started.

A VERY cool spot on the backside of the island.  If you are heading north from town, it is the 3rd…or 4th left.  You will see the sign.  I am now in love with this spot.

We met the owner, Luce…Lou…Lucito..  GREAT guy who has lived his whole life on the island.

And the mascot.  In the mangroves, right next to the bar, sits this guy.  The biggest iguana I have seen in San Pedro.  Absolutely gorgeous.  You can reach right over and give him a piece of fruit.  He eats quite nicely from your hands…no biting.  Good boy.

They do a BBQ on Saturday.  $10bzd chicken, ribs, fish!  And rumor has it, the mascot comes on the bar to share with you.  I’ll be there around 2pm if anyone wants to join me and my friends.

The view of the lagoon from your stool.  Boats pull right up to the bar to have a quick beer.

They also have a jukebox.  I am like an gambling addict with a slot machine when it comes to these things.  I could feed money into it all day.  (I always fancied myself an amateur DJ.  DJ Glitter was my imaginary name).

If you want a local place with a very cool vibe, friendly owner, $4 beers all day and a beautiful view of the lagoon?  Try the Barrel Bar.

Okay.  To the next stop.  We headed a few blocks across the island to Wayo’s.  Always a favorite.  And they have the “money shot” view.

From my bar stool.

I love this area of town.

If you are unfamiliar, it’s just north of town proper…along the beach…between town and the bridge.  A good spot to watch the local traffic and the kids walking home from school. Look at these faces.  (Number 2 on the right…the cutest!)

On to the next spot.  The grey skies had cleared by about 2pm.  It was turning into a pretty but HOT day.

We passed lots more kids coming home from school.  These guys a bit older and making me very nervous balancing behind the golf cart.

Next stop was Wahoo’s Lounge for some beers…it seems like they have the last Verano beers on the island.

Yummy jalapeno poppers and nachos from Caliente’s right next door.  They deliver!

Don’t forget to pose by Caliente’s on your way out.

Okay, one last stop.  A place right in the middle of town and yet…so hidden.  It’s called “The Hangout Lounge”.  Right on the side street with Lino’s Meat and the tattoo shop…the Hangout is on the second floor.

I don’t have any pictures of the outside.  You will have to find it yourself.  As soon as we got in, it started POURING rain.

So…if you ever wonder what I do with my day, there you have it.  Happy 39th Bonnie!

AND…if you were wondering about the picture I posted on my Facebook page (where all the real-time news is!)…here it is.

The beams at the Barrel Bar.  Decorated with tons of bottle caps.  I really love this place.

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