An Afternoon on the Rum Punch and a Stop at Palapa Bar

Yesterday four ladies and quite a few coolers loaded on the Rum Punch II for a sail northwards.

A very pretty day with a few heavy clouds and a surprisingly stiff wind from the northwest.  The captain, George Eiley, estimated it at about 15 knots.

We sailed north passed Grand Caribe…

And some gentlemen out lobster hunting…

Bonnie lounging with Captain George.

Up by the Mexico Rocks snorkeling area, the water was getting pretty rough.  A few went in to snorkel…here is Manuel, the first mate, blowing bubbles…

You can see how foggy the water was.  I chose to take a quick dip and then lay in the sun.

On the way home, we decided to have one quick drink at the Palapa Bar.  Here we are pulling up…

There were quite a few people lounging in the tubes.

Our parking space.

Inside the Palapa we were given a bar challenge by Ivan the bartender.  Move an egg from one glass to the next without touching a thing.  UGH!  I hate being tricked.  Look at that evil grin.

He showed us how it’s done.  Blowing straight down HARD on the one egg until it jumps.  Soon, everyone was trying it.

I’ll let others try it…

I did notice a very nice addition to the building.

We loaded up and headed back home.

The Rum Punch II remains one of the greatest trips on the island.  For more information and for another trip on an even more gorgeous day, check out this post from earlier this year.

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