Halloween in Belize: The Ultimate Costume Party Is San Pedro

I apologize for not blogging for a few days, I really do.  I have been planning a party for the Humane Society.  But lucky for both of us, my friend Krista from Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar went to the late night Halloween party at the Holiday Hotel.  And took these awesome pictures.  And sent me comments.  So here is her blog.  My first guest blogger!   Let’s call her GingerScoop (she’s a red head after all).Here is my favorite picture that she took.  Please stop into Crazy Canuck’s, buy a drink, and a panini and fill her with praise.  I need a helper!


One of my favorites.  Okay…just your run-of-the-mill priest costume…

I almost spit my beer.  Here he is from the back side.


Gilligan’s Island.

Light up saran wrap head…looked very cool but not sure exactly what it was…
Sexy, sexy SWAT team.  You catch more flies with honey, right?
The Hooters girls won best group.  The ladies were good…but the guys?  They were awesome.  Disturbing…but mostly awesome.
Can you get enough of this?
Okay…enough of that.  This guy was super cool.
Bruce as a one night stand…
It’s the big year for the Mayan culture.
And the super hero group.
Miss Piggy and Kermie doing a bit of dirty dancing…
Another one night stand…this one with a bit more detail.
We were a bit confused by this one.  Rob suggested that it was the ghost that always chases Scooby Doo.  Okay…sure…but why are there two Scoobies?
Jackie from Casa Picasso out as Pebbles.  Trick or treating with a bag full of cigarettes and candy…
The whole crew.  Bam Bam looking bad ass.  (Note from me:  Love this picture too!)
Speedy.  Handing out Alka Seltzer tablets.  They don’t come cheap in Belize.
Wade the Gringo is shockingly…A cheeseburger!  Burgers are his life.
LASTLY, a fantastic pirate group.
Bottom line:  Halloween is no joke in San Pedro Belize.  No joke.  Thanks Krista for these awesome pictures.
More coming tomorrow of pets and kids from the big SAGA party.  I hope to see you ALL out next year.

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