Indigo Beach Homes and A Walk Up North

On Monday I took a rare water taxi ride north (yes NORTH!) to visit Indigo Condominium/Beach Homes.  They are 4.5 miles north of the bridge and still being finished.  They are projected to open in November.

Here was my view when I first got on the dock.

And the view from the top floor back in the opposite direction.

Beautiful customized condos.  From this one that was a bit more sophisticated to fun ones with bright tropical colors…I particularly love the round shape, natural wood and high vaulted ceilings.  Wouldn’t you love to (be rich and) cover these walls with local artwork?  I would.

A few more pictures outside.

I decided to walk down the beach…to see what is nearby and to grab some lunch.  (I know that Rojo is a bit north but they are closed right now and well…that’s the wrong direction.)

You may have noticed, I don’t get this far north very often.  And it’s not even that far.  Only 4.5 miles up.  Time to explore.

A tiny dive shop shack set up on a vacant lot.  There is quite a bit of empty land up there.  A rare thing for us towns folk.

A boat in the shade.  It is BLAZING hot the past few days.  People tend to think the weather here is the same all year round…but September and October are HOT, HOT, HOT.

The path south.  So pretty.

What this picture is not telling you:  it was about 1pm and over 90 degrees.  Thank goodness I remembered my sweat rag.

Rendezvous Restaurant and Winery is closed during the slower months.

Now seriously overheating Las Terrazas rose before me like an oasis.  Ahhhh…O Restaurant.

CLOSED until Friday.  Must…get…water (or beer)…must…keep…moving.

I passed a new development crawling with construction workers.  The very ambitious Venezia  del Caribe is underway..  Take a look at the site plan, that is going to be one crazy pool.  A bit of Las Vegas (I mean Venice) right here in San Pedro.

Coco Beach.  Open and ready for my business.

They have a seriously impressive pool and shady (or swim up) pool bar.  The bartenders are also some of the friendliest on the island.  Though mine refused to allow the SP Scoop to take his picture. How rude!

They are not closing at all this season but there was quite a bit of quiet construction going on.  Coco Beach is putting in two new restaurants on the property.

I couldn’t help but wonder…who is going to be the first all-inclusive resort on San Pedro?  It’s totally not my thing.  There are so many great bars and restaurants to be tested out…who wants to be stuck eating at one (probably mediocre) eatery for the entire trip?  But I know lots of vacationers like it and the convenience…they seek it out.  I get asked about it quite a bit.  Maybe it will be you, Coco Beach?

Well, enough talking to myself.  I called the Coastal Express and was picked up right on the dock

And today, the skies look totally different.  The weather is not starting as nice as the pictures above.  Rain and thunder storms have moved in…and based on the weather maps, they might be around all day.  But down here, you never know.

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