Saturday in San Pedro: Photos around Town, Tequila & Wildlife at the Barrel Bar

Oct 21 007Yesterday, the SAGA fundraising team (Kathy from Pampered Paws, Eileen from D&E’s Frozen Custard and me) hit the town to…well…raise some funds.  Businesses were INSANELY generous about donating prizes for our raffle and silent auction and ingredients for the food that will be sold at the 9th Annual SAGA Halloween Party (see the flyer at the end of this post).   A trip around town is always good for a few pictures.We ran into some very cute little boys that were running around on the beach scaring each other with their Halloween masks.

Not so menacing with the masks up.

After all that hard work, I met some friends at the Barrel Bar.

You get a little bit of everything at this lagoon-side place…iguanas in the mangroves…frigate birds diving for bait fish…

crocodiles headed out from the mangroves for some evening feeding (we saw two)…

…ugh…tequila shots…

Not everyone is a fan.

Pepe the Papillon was not impressed.

As the sun set, you could tell it would be a rainy night.

Time to head home…it is mosquito season after all.

Thanks to the bartender, Lou, for rigging the jukebox to give me 25 free songs (after I’d already fed at least $10 into that thing).  I so love a jukebox.

And please make sure you have the SAGA Halloween Party on your calendar.  It’s our biggest party of the year and we want to raise heaps of money for the dogs and cats of San Pedro.  The silent auction will start online at and the SAGA facebook page on Monday, October 22nd.  Tomorrow!  Bids from all over the world are welcome.

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