Try this Place: Casa Picasso’s First Anniversary Party

Last night a good chunk of the town arrived at Casa Picasso to celebrate the re-opening for “the season”, Casa Picasso’s one year anniversary party and to taste the new food from their brand new chef.  Some were a bit late…there was a town-wide meeting at the High School at the same time!…but everyone…EVERYONE was glad they came.  The food was awesome.  The crowd had an amazing time.   And Jackie and Adam, the owners, remain some of my favorite people in town.  Here they are:

Though I am generally a $6bzd Chinese fried chicken sandwich kind of gal, I am saying SPLURGE.  The food I tasted last night means that there are great things to come this year.

Again, most of my pictures come from my new unpaid intern Krista from Crazy Canucks.  She even arrived early to take great pictures of the staff like this one.  Dedication!  I love it.

Just outside the venue.

Love the new flag.

The bartender Nicolai.

The guests started to arrive.  Sue and Steve from Coco Locos.

Dennis from the newspaper.

The whole gang.

They have some very cool paintings to stay with the theme.

Not my finest shot…but Cindy, Joe and Jean looking very happy.  I’m mad about this one.

I love Cindy pregnant…she looks so happy.

I wish this restaurant the most success and I know they can do it.   The food was delicious, the staff was fantastic and Jackie and Adam love this town already.  You guys might think that I am always positive…I am not.  You should see what I don’t publish!

For a special night out on vacation (or even if you live here…), try Casa Picasso.  Really.  I try not to lead you astray.

These beet and goat cheese bits were delicious.

The sliders and the chicken satay?  Even better.

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