Yummy Brunch at Red Ginger Restaurant and the Beautiful Phoenix Resort

Where I’m from, Sunday morning brunch is a big deal.  On a warm spring Sunday, around 1-2pm, the streets of Manhattan are packed with people either eating or lining up to eat and drink brunch.Here in Belize?  It’s only starting to grow in popularity.  Estel’s is a very popular breakfast place and always has a full house on pretty much every morning.  But not too long ago Red Ginger Restaurant started doing a proper Sunday brunch.  Not only is it a great restaurant but the setting is pretty spectacular.  And guess what?  They even have mimosas and bagels.

But let’s get back to the food and the restaurant which is towards the back of the resort.

You can eat inside in the A/C or on the patio and we watched plate after plate taken out by the pool…

I tried to be good and ordered a Grilled Shrimp Salad…

Very tasty.

My friend tried the ribs.  I’ve heard SO many good things about them.

And they delivered.  Not too saucy, sweet and charred.  Really, really good.

One of my favorite parts?  The menu is reasonably priced.  There is no “fancy hotel tax”.  The half rack of ribs are $19bzd. The michelada that I enjoyed (the poor man’s bloody marry) only $6bzd. (Oscar made one of the best I’ve had.)  The home-made bagel and cream cheese that I need to try next time, $8bzd.

Here is the dining room…we were the last ones standing.

And then outside, the grounds are just beautiful.

One day I’m going to have to take a look inside one of the rooms…

Another beautiful day during rainy season.

So, if you are picking up what I am laying down, you should try Red Ginger…both the delicious food and the setting will make you glad that you did.

I can’t BELIEVE that it is October 1st.  Here is what I was blogging about one year ago:  Belizean Beef Soup Recipe

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