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A Trip to The Dentist Means a Trip North

My dentist in San Pedro, Dr. Mark, is as good or better as any dentist that I’ve ever had.  His office is located behind his home about 4 miles north of the bridge.  So a trip to the dentist in Belize, for me, requires a 15 minute boat ride.Dentistry as a whole in Belize is (surprisingly to some) fantastic.  We have a number of dentists here in town and for those who can not afford dental work, free clinics a few times a year.  So…there was really no reason for my 2 year hiatus and to be honest with you?  I was a bit nervous.  Who knows what terrible things can happen in 2 years.

But all was perfectly fine.  Joan did the cleaning, a few X-Rays and I left with a clean, cavity-free bill of health and a dentistry goodie bag.  Phew.  Must remember to do that more often.

I had about an hour before my next water taxi so I wandered south a bit.  I passed Coco Beach.  They have a nice bar if you want to stop.  And the beers are $6bzd…relatively cheap for “up north”.

The price of beer (average $5bzd in town) is definitely a factor for me…whether I like a bar or will stay away.

One of my favorite spots next – Essene Way.  I wrote a post about this FASCINATING plot of land with all of its funky statues a while ago.

Lots of dead, topless coconut trees.

I stopped at Captain Morgan’s resort for a beer and a quick sandwich.  Walking on the beach mid-day was getting VERY hot.  Beers almost $8bzd.  Hmmmm…noted.   The resort seems quite full to me but the bartender let me know that about 1/4 of the rooms were occupied.  And that, when totally full, they can house up tot 300 people!  I had no idea Captain Morgan’s was so big.

Time to wait for the 1:45pm Coastal Express water taxi back to town.

The garbage truck doesn’t go that far north so the slow moving garbage boat was making a trip to town.

Back at the dock with my clean set of choppers.  Something not quite right here…

Let me get back to Facebook and Twitter so I can keep tracking John McAfee.  Fascinating!

There are quite a few members of the international press here now and more coming.  Hopefully the fact that this island is awesome and this is FAR from the norm shines through.

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