Canouan Scoop: Helda’s Life On An Even SMALLER Caribbean Island

Hi, guest blogger Helda Pritchard here. If you follow the Sanpedroscoop then you would know me from such posts as Trivia at Roadkill, Helda and Robbie’s wedding and oh yeah there may even be a photo from last year’s Halloween Red Devil Green Fairy costume I wore.If you’ve visited  San Pedro then you would most likely have met me at  my favorite bar, The Road Kill Bar, that has the Islands Best Karaoke every Wednesday Night, the world’s best panty rippas and of course Wade the Gringo Burgers (yes shameless plug for Roadkill).

Currently my family is not living in Belize as my husband received a job offer in Canouan SVG.   Rebecca asked me to write a blog on what it is like living in a different island in the Caribbean .

Canouan located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines means turtle or tortoise in Caribe.  It is a small island, measuring only 3.5 miles by 1.25 miles. The population is about 1,200 people. Almost all the expats that live on the island work for the company that owns 70% of the island.

So unlike Ambergris Caye most people come here with a job and a place to live all set up for them. We currently live in the same building as Bella’s school. The company also provides a car for their employees. They drive on the left hand side here.

The views are amazing this is the view from close to where we live looking out onto Mayreau, Union Island and the Tobago Cayes.

The water is very deep on this beach and Bella loves playing in the waves.

Bella has swimming class on the other side of the island where it is a little more protected by the bay and the water is calmer.

There is a world class golf course on the island. We only went once Robbie played and Bella and I drove in a golf cart behind him. The views were amazing.

There is a small reef on one side of the island.

There are a few local restaurants and restaurants in both resorts. They are good but don’t offer the selection that there is in San Pedro.

Shopping is done at one of 3 small grocery stores. They are not very big but the quality is good and almost everything is in date. A lot of people here order from a larger store in St. Vincent and have it shipped over on the ferry.

There are also cows, tortoises and goats just wandering around. This little cow decided to come into our yard.

On second look I think it was a bull not a cow

Since moving here I have learned to bake several different types of bread and have worked on my cooking skills. I have downloaded and read lots of books and keep in contact with friends and family via facebook and Skype.  Robbie usually works 7 days a week, every once and a while he will take a Sunday off. Especially when our friends Paul and Karin invite us on their boat to go sailing.

So that is life on this little island.  All and all we are happy to be together as a family. We miss our friends in San Pedro very much.

(if you know Robbie you know how hard it is to get a photo of him with his eyes open)

Thanks so much Helda!  Super interesting.  And…I had to look this one up.  Canouan is pronounced “cah-ah-wan”.  I need to practice that.

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