Ginger Scoop’s Guest Post: My Thanksgiving Island Style

Thanksgiving for us started north of the bridge.  We went to check out the new Feliz Bar at the Cloisters.

Kevin and Heather are the new owners.  They picked up and moved without ever having been to San Pedro before. WOW.   They came up with the name of the bar through their dog, Navi. She was born on Christmas day, hence “Feliz” Navidad….(Belize…they thought it fit well).

He is doing a sports bar theme, with many LARGE flat screens around the L shaped bar. Their hours are 11am-11pm. He wants a low key place and is looking to add some daytime live entertainment….but low key….no loud bands.

They did a TON of work on the place.  Bright pastel colors on the tables and stools.  BRAND new HUGE TV’s. all new bar equipment.

We tried the fried pickles.  They were yummy.  Fresh, crispy, with a spicy dipping sauce.

The Kevinator looks interesting.  Saved my appetite for the turkey dinner we were having later.

We saw a new bracelet.  Any idea if these work?
Great people.  I wish them tons of luck.
Next stop?  Coco Locos Bar for a SERIOUS Thanksgiving pot luck feast and a bit of bocce ball…
Everyone loves the hat.
A gorgeous Thanksgiving sunset…
Wait…it didn’t look like this where you are?
Or this?
And then…THE FOOD.
THIS is no joke.

Food coma sets in…

To visit Ginger Scoop aka Krista, stop by Crazy Canuck’s bar just south of town.  Thanks GS!

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