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Happy Thanksgiving from Ridgewood, NJ Plus How To Celebrate it In Belize

Okay…I’m officially freezing.   And officially promising  NOT to subject you to too many New Jersey pictures.  But it’s Thanksgiving in the United States, I’m back at my childhood home for the holidays and I don’t think I’ve ever taken any pictures of my ‘hood.  So I took a few while walking my mom’s dog pack of Max and TJ.  Here you go…honestly, bear with me.  It’s the reason I have so many guest bloggers…I want to get you back to Belize as soon as possible.  And if you didn’t see it, check out yesterday’s guest post about Kelly’s wedding in San Pedro.At my mom’s house.  I’m not exactly sure what a gourd is…but I love them.

I was grew up in Ridgewood, NJ.  For the one of you that is interested in that…here is a map.  Northern NJ not too far from Manhattan.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It really is COLD.  I am saying this as a Belizean resident who experiences temperatures of about 82 median all  year.  I get it…if you are in Saskatchewan or Upper Mongolia, it is WAY colder.  But this is pretty frigid for me.

There is a heavy layer of frost on the ground…

And my footwear is not exactly appropriate for walking the dogs.

My childhood house…

And some strange plant in the window boxes that apparently doesn’t mind the frost.

And some pictures around the neighborhood…sorry to torture you guys like this.  I already hear the clicks of “DISLIKE” on my facebook page.

And then inside… collections of EVERYTHING around my mom’s house…many things that I can not ID.  Like these…

Or these…

Anyway…Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  And if you are in San Pedro, please please please try to make it to the SAGA fundraiser at Fido’s…Thanksgiving Goes to the Dogs.  It will be an amazingly good time.  Promise.  6 to 9pm.

Guest blogger get ready!  And everyone, let me know how it goes!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from Ridgewood, NJ Plus How To Celebrate it In Belize

  1. Emily

    Your folks’ house and neighborhood are both GORGEOUS. Maybe we’ll move there next! Who am I kidding, we couldn’t begin to afford those mansions, but very much enjoyed seeing them. No dislike here — thanks for sharing. It is always interesting to get a glimpse into someone’s old ‘hood.

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