Hotels For Your Budget: San Pedro’s Conch Shell Inn

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is about budget travelling to Ambergris Caye.  Some are back packing from Mexico and trying to keep the budget as tight as possible, some just want to spend money on eating, drinking and diving rather than on their lodging.  Both make sense.  So…over the next few months, I hope to check out most, if not all, of the “budget hotels” in San Pedro.   (And then maybe expand a bit around Belize.)  Places where you can get rooms for $75USD or less.  So let’s get going.Last week I visited the lovely Conch Shell Inn.

I’ve always admired the paint color, cotton candy PINK, and the conch shells decorating the entire property.  Conch Shell is also one of the three oldest hotels in town – built originally in the early 1970s when the tourist industry in Belize was at its infancy.  (Don’t worry, it’s been FULLY refurbished during the last 40 years!)

The hotel located right in town and on the beach has it’s own semi-private lounging area.  During the day, this beachfront can get lots of foot traffic.  Not a bad thing but nice to have your own place to sit.

And an amazing view from every single room.

The view from the lower level…

Same view but from the second floor.
Conch Shell is SO conveniently located.  Within 3 minutes walking distance, you can be at Fido’s (one of the biggest and most popular bars & restaurants on the island) or next door at Cholo’s, another very popular spot.  Or you can head up to the new Sandbar and hang out at their new beach club.  I’ll stop listing but just know…the amount of restaurants and tour & dive companies right there is almost endless.

Okay…so the view and the location are great if you want to be in the heart of the action but how about the rooms?  Here was my biggest surprise.  They are SUPER cute.  And big…and clean…

A TV, a refrigerator, a kitchenette with a microwave?  I was thoroughly impressed.

This room is on the second floor and a bit more expensive but with the view?   I’d say worth it.  One note:  the rooms do not have standard air conditioning but they do have big fans and the location all but insures a good breeze most of the year.  You can get AC for an additional fee.

The rooms on the first floor, though, are just as nice.  Simple and clean with a TV and refrigerator.

The Conch Shell does have a website that is…simplistic at best…but has the basic information.  The best way to get all the information that you need is their email address:  [email protected].

With hotels here on the island, I always suggest sending a direct email.  Briefly explain what you are doing, when you are coming, why you are coming, where you saw the hotel advertised and you never know…you might just get a discount.

So there you go.  Budget hotel number one.  Can you picture yourself relaxing here?

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