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I Love A Parade: Celebrating Dia de La Revolucion in Playa Del Carmen

Who knew?  November 20th is a public holiday in Mexico…Day of the Revolution.  And I awoke this morning to beating drums…one of my favorite sounds.  A parade!LOTS of school kids on this drizzly morning celebrating sports, culture and the revolution!  And all singing “Sexy Gangnam Style” in Spanish unison.  Very cute.

My favorite…the guys who maintain the parks and plants.

Kids, kids, and more kids.

This parade had to be a mile long.  Or more…

An attempted Harlem Globetrotters routine.  Balls were flying everywhere.

Actually this was my fave…an ode to recycling.

Recycle your egg crates, check.  Newspapers, check.  Justin Beiber?

I think you guys get the picture…

I’m off to catch the bus to the aeropuerto.  130pm flight to Newark, NJ.  Hello freezing cold.

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2 thoughts on “I Love A Parade: Celebrating Dia de La Revolucion in Playa Del Carmen

  1. Leisa

    Looks like this was a pretty big deal. I didn’t know about this holiday. But it’s on my anniversary, so I won’t forget it. Have a great Thanksgivinging with your family. My 16 yr. old daughter flew into Newark yesterday to spend Thanksgiving with her Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins in NJ. My 18 yr. old son is taking a train there next month and will be there during Christmas. We all spent Thanksgiving there last year. So we’re here in Kansas City with my family this year. Getting ready to go to my 88 yr. old Grandmas house now to do some pre-holiday cooking. Fun times!

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